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16 Sep 2013 23:00:26
9/11 Flight 175 - 2 impossibilities

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Im down with the 911 "conspiracy" 100% as its clear to see that something major is amis, too many contradictions, evidence pointing to cgi and other tech, and we are being spoon fed an almost scripted plot it seems. a few things rattle my brain if anyone is keen to help? now in this vid it shows blatant cgi and vid editing, even with this mistake, it was on a very impressive scale and has infact fooled a lot of people. Though why didn't they think this through and use the same tech on the pentagon, i'm sure if they went to all the trouble and planning to achieve their goals they woulda covered all their bases. To me the pentagon was the biggest smoking gun in this with all the failures to "cover up" properly, and to set the scene, yet they seem to have deliberately been careless?

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17 Sep 2013 12:52:19
Not an answer to your intriguing question, but in a similar vein, I get the same impression of Kate Middleton's 'pregnancy'; its like they are taking the pi$$. Often i've heard the question asked "do they think we are stupid?" and well I think you should know the answer to that question by now. pea

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I can't remember seeing this clip on the news though? I don't remember it being reported. Is it not just a totally faked clip altogether?


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{Ed033's Note - This is definitely one of the angle shots of video that was part of the original news as part of 9/11. Somebody could have messed with the video though. This video if totally real would obviously make any sane person who believes they would never have been lied to by mainstream media or government about 9/11, looking for any excuse that this video is totally faked altogether

Thanks Ed033 for the reply.

I do believe there is something very dubious behind 9/11 but I'm not sure what exactly yet - but it is in my nature to question everything. What annoys me with many theories is that they just refer to things as fact without feeling the need to back it up or reference their findings. That in itself makes me dubious.

For every thing that points toward an inconsistency in the story we are told of what happened that day, there is also people on the other side muddying the waters with false 'evidence' and made up theories, which is a shame. Like I said I don't believe what we have been told, but I will question every little detail, whichever side of the argument. You should never believe things wholehartedly because there are always questions to be answered.

This clip just looked a little dodgy to me and I can't remember seeing it on any mainstream news programme from this angle. Obviously I was wrong on that.

I wish the people behind the above clip (and similar ones) could just reference which news programmes showed it, on what date etc. which would be straight forward you would think? That way such questions would not be left hanging and things would be clearer.


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{Ed033's Note - 911 In Plane Site documentary has this angle in it at 4 minutes 39 seconds

Great help Ed033 thanks for that, quite the compelling clip! Just wanted my sceptical nature to be satisfied :)


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16 Sep 2013 17:08:07
Hi Eds, who should I contact about the prospect of making a 'Paranormal page'? I'm highly interested in ghosts and cryptozoology but I don't see able to find any on the conspiracy page Any chance of adding another to the list?


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{Ed033's Note - Hi, why not use the contact page and the web master may contact you

16 Sep 2013 00:54:52
i found it amusing in a dark type of way that john Kerry said "the threat is real" if Syria do not give all the locations of the chemical weapons as he is sitting next to his mate Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, human rights and chemical weapons not to mention nuclear are OK for israel but my point is since Obama and his cronies have had a bloody nose over its arrogance that everyone would except their version of Assad gassing his own people, its a setback but I really think it is not over, even when Syria give NATO a map of all its cw no doubt rebels will gas some other poor victims then the Calvary will arrive like a cowboy and Indian movie, as we know now the real victims were not wearing stetson hats.

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I think something major will happen in the next couple of weeks either another chem attack in syria or a " terrorist " attack on a neutral country ( canada, australia ) to try and get around the u. n. you can feel how anxious the are to get in there by the language they have been using. People are getting wise to the b. s. now franky mate!

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"The threat is real. " The threat --> israel.
Part of Obama's interview on ABC broadcast on Sunday. "I think what the Iranians understand is that the nuclear issue is a far larger issue for us than the chemical weapons issue, that the threat. against Israel that a nuclear Iran poses is much closer to our core interests. My suspicion is that the Iranians recognize they shouldn’t draw a lesson that we haven’t struck [Syria] to think we won’t strike Iran. "
Syria is just a stepping stone, sooner or later they'll find/create the excuse they need to justify an all out invasion. The actual target is Iran, the only sovereign country left in the Middle East with the power to resist the controllers and influence others to do the same.
The day they get Iran, I bet you, they'll create the United States of the Middle East with its base in Israel. Then they halt their destabilizing influence in the Middle East and sell it as proof to the functionality of a one world government.

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16 Sep 2013 14:51:07
Interesting theory Zari. Question, why have they never created a united states of south America or pulled Canada into the USA proper as both are on the doorstep. Mort

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16 Sep 2013 16:01:27
Thanks for amending that opening sentence, Zari.
Speaking of dark comedies, anyone seen 'World War Z'?
In it, 'we' were saved by Isreal and the W.H.O. pea

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Yeah pea funny enough I watched it a few weeks ago and at first the movie is a sub plot that was secretly saying israel were the bad guys then typical Hollywood it made out israel were trying to help Arabs from the virus, it was all downhill from there.

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Hey Mort. A Union of South American Nations and an African Union are already in existence. There are also proposals in place for a Central Asian Union and a South Asia Union.
You might also want to look up NAFTA, which is a free trade agreement signed between USA, Canada and Mexico. The DEA are already active in Mexico which means that further agreements already exist between North American nations.
It doesn't really matter what name you give it or if you don't label it at all, the world is already split into "Unions". Only thing missing to formalize things are common currencies.

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