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17 Apr 2012 20:56:03
Read Carrel Quigley, Tragedy and hope to understand whats going on in our time, he was a Professor and Historian for the elite, no point me telling you, as you wont believe it so check the book.
red pill blue pill stuff but it's not a pot noodle, you need to make the effort.

another big one is anglo-american establishment.

good luck...

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I'll add the name I use, It's Murp. I've been a researcher for many years.

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17 Apr 2012 18:32:04
caught the end of this morning because it was about alien cases, nick pope was on and some other guys name i cant remember,basicly both pope and this other guy diagreed about everything a few months ago so the presenters said when this ufo guy had any type of evedence to come bk on the show and put the evedence to pope,well this guy had audio tapes of a american soldier talking about a strange light(dont think it was rendlesham case not sure thou) and pope just shooting everything down with lame excuses,the ufo guy was shaking hes head and at one point i thought he wanted to chin pope lol,anyway how this guy gets called on about ufos is beyond me,dont get me wrong i want a balanced opinon not a guy who gets paid to pour scorn over everything.

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To frankyscouse. Alright mate. That wasn't nick pope on this morning it was a guy called Chris French. A scientist.

{Ed033's Note - This Chris French is a professional debunker for TV. He's only paid to debunk the truth. He's even worse than the Ministry Of Defence disinfo agent, nick pope. Detective Constable Gary Heseltine was the ufo researcher on the this morning program - History of Ufology 1 (1/3)

History of Ufology 1 (1/3)
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Omg human cloning ,deffo lookalikes ,he is a ringer to pope in more ways than one.

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17 Apr 2012 16:52:36
There is a video you can watch online for free called 'Exposed: Ireland's Secret Cults'. Has anyone seen it, is it worth watching and does it expose anything worth exposing ?


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What kind of cults is there ? i dont think i have heard much about any cults and i usaully would hear of threse things. cheers

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Parlemarian and house of prayers are discussed along with Scientology apart from they are all weird just highlights how all these supposed religions are just money making machines nothing more.

Like someone said God seems to be so all knowing and powerful but hes really crap with money because its all he ever needs.

Red tinted glasses

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I was watching horrible histories with my son and I saw that the romans had loads of Gods, Gods for practically everything even a god of sewers (100% true!). It makes me think how stupid it is to think a person designed all this.........


{Ed033's Note - It's interesting that in the below documentary a guy says that the organisation he was involved with controlled the information you are exposed to, which is exactly what the educational system and the main stream media do, on orders from the ruling class

Ireland's Secret Cults

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17 Apr 2012 13:24:40
anyone think anything will happen at olympic opening ceromany.

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Yip the start of the olympics
red rrab

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Wow, your just so much fun.

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Symbolism followed by more symbolism. Remember symbolism is for the simple minded, love that quote

Big D

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17 Apr 2012 12:32:29
The System seems to have two favourite ways of murdering people who are being a nuisance:

1. Garroted with piano wire and hung in the garage (or elsewhere) in a 'suicide-scenario'.

2. T-Boned at a traffic junction by a 'drunk-driver' running a red light, the 'drunk-driver' then escapes or is not caught (s/he is a prisoner who has been offered a deal).


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Death by tennis players.


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Auto erotic asphixiation is a "cult" class ic ;)


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