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17 Apr 2013 19:42:07
they have found the suspect for the boston bomb, will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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Supposedly the boston bomb was a diversion from the news that bush jnr and obama. clinton. rumsfeld all knew and gave the go ahead for the usa to torture suspects including children, legal documents prove the collusion between certain parts of the government and the cia, in history this type of incident would have been arrested and go to trial allah nuremberg trial, this was the breaking news now the diversion took over the headlines and another fake terrorist attack.

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Good work Sherlock Holmes, case closed.

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Have you seen the film Unthinkable Franky?
I know it's a movie but there is a lot of sick people out their willing to torture a child so the parents give up valuable info.

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No mate I have not, I will try to watch it online tomorrow, cheers for the info.

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Great call on Unthinkable. A brilliant movie that didn't get the credit it deserves. Superb acting by Michael Sheen and Samuel Jackson that may be a lot closer to the truth than people realize when it comes to the USA and torture.

Captain Needa

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So your logic is basically, there's only ever one news story at a time? If something like that was happening then it wouldn't get close to the public.

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Edd can you show this live link to alex jones infowars, it is mindblowing.

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It is not my logic it is from someone a hell of a lot more intelligent than me who worked in the c I a (i can't remember he's name will try to track it up later on when I get in)this man claims its common practise to cause mayhem and all media outlets are chasing the why and who motives of the so called terrorist attack really important stuff gets lost or overlooked a bit like a card trick while your looking at one hand you have not a clue what the other hand is doing which makes sense to me.

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I find it strange that someone told the associated press that they had arrested someone and even after they said they had not this person was adamant that someone had been arrested

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Forgot to sign my post about unthinkable.

Ed, Franky. any info on the Texas explosion?


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I really don't know mate, accidents do happen, people might point to that texas is vehemently opposed to the gun laws they are trying to oppose, alex jones is from texas but unless something comes out in the next few days it prob was a accident, like I mentioned a few days ago this week for some reason feels strange and eerie.

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17 Apr 2013 17:51:12
neighbours channel 5 last night 1 off special episdode at 10. explosion at a wedding?. u never know lol

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17 Apr 2013 15:19:56
Well it looks like I was wrong about maggie all these years, theirs me thinking she divided the country with her extremely right-wing policies, with most of us in the north hating her guts, but after watching the mass-medias coverage and hearing tv 5LIVEs version of events following this morning I realize that she was pretty much loved by all except me and a hand full of other "out of touch lefties".
My apoligies


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The propaganda media spin on thatcher says it all about the tv and sky, if genghis khan was born in surrey they would make out he was a developer in nations around the world.

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With the exception of a few, we hate her in the south as well mate

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You not out of touch, the labour politicians that attended the funeral are, who sold our gas off and electricity maggie that's why our energy bills are what they are, tony blair has warned labour to beware of the left, well I suggest every labour voter get on and read about james keir hardy the founder of the labour party and try to be more like him the policies not like tory blair who was never labour and sold us down the road, now more than ever we need left wing policies.

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You know new labour is a watered down tory party, did blair get rid of the poll tax when he got in to power? no he changed the name to the council tax, all the uproar about people with real illnesses and disabilities plus the bedroom tax, all I have heard by miliband has said the tories are picking on the poor, has he said if he gets in power he will scrap the bedroom tax and reinstate genuine people with disabilities?well I have not hear him mention those words.

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Council Tax and the poll tax are totally different. Council Tax is paid by the house, poll tax was paid by individuals that's why it was so unfair, the lord and the bin man paying the same.

Red Daz

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I genuinely don't think that any left sided politician would make much difference. There's a choice now between the triplets. For me the only way to succeed is to encourage independents. Why is that such a far fetch here?

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I agree with independents route, they are not going to get a look in with media coverage though unless they were well known, to me voting labour or tory is like voting for the devil and the deep blue sea.

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17 Apr 2013 13:10:46
One thing that I am a little concerned about is that whoever is responsible for the Boston bombs and for whatever reasons has yet to come forward. Normally if it is a international terrorist group, r. e Taliban etc they would normally have come forward by now. Do they have more things planned before coming forward. That's if this is not all inside job

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Inside job. Jdog

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The Pakistani Taliban have said it wasn't them, i'm sure they would of said it was if it was them.

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Well the boots on the other foot now, all that fund raising for the i. r. a. that went on over there. men women and children blown to bits all funded by irish americans and not forgetting mcdonalds contribution to the cause?am I suposed to feel sympathy for them. after all it was more than likely planted by freedom fighters what's the difference between them

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What u mean IF its an inside job lol course it was u can't fart in america without the gov knowing so if a group of TERRORISTS are going to do an attack they would be caught before they knew it!

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Whats all the hype about this guy on the roof of the building as the bomb goes off? its clear that there is a railing there, people stay in these building, isn't a tad plausible that he was up there for reasons other than the bomb? the 2nd bomb hadnt even went off and people had already started there nonsense about a USA undercover mission.

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'Well the boots on the other foot now, all that fund raising for the i. r. a. that went on over there. men women and children blown to bits all funded by irish americans and not forgetting mcdonalds contribution to the cause?am I suposed to feel sympathy for them. after all it was more than likely planted by freedom fighters what's the difference between them'

So you don't feel sympathy for the three dead people? A little boy Martin Richard only 8 years old. 23-year-old Lü Lingzi from China. Krystle Campbell 29.

All blown to bits.

Not to mention the countless people who have lost limbs.

Thanks for your compassionate and humanitarian viewpoint no name.


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No one likes to see innocent people caught up and killed or maimed in political mind games but that's the way governments worldwide work, there use us as pawns in a chess game, for the record I believe mi6 always knew about arms and monies being shipped to the ira.

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Any bomber is a coward sort differences round the table, killing kids and women breaks negotiations for people that do that they should hang but they don't because too many doo gooders about

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To the tool talking about McDonalds giving money to the IRA, even by believing this just shows your mentality. The IRA they gave money to was an Independant Retirement Account. But hey, don't let the truth get in the way of a good bit of British propaganda. I wonder if you would have had the same attitude if it was a WASP city that had been attacked? Let's hope it wasn't any middle-Eastern people who carried out the attack, it would be a shame if those IRA funding Bostonians had to go through this because of the licensed terrorism the USA and British governments carry out over in their countries. Surely those 2 governments have enough blood on their hands after their actions over the years.

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Shouldn’t raise to the flame thread by the above no name- lads, no country has a unblemished record.

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17 Apr 2013 11:28:41
Money Saving Expert on do you need a tv license

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Pea on 'do you need a tv license?'

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Stopped reading after the first line, its is not a Law, it is an ACT, massive difference, an act requires human consent in order for it to be enforced. You don't have to pay for your licence regardless of what Martin Lewis says. isn't that the same Martin Lewis that i've seen on tv and ITV presenting. Wonder why he would be saying you need one?

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Well I am buggered the wife signed up a few years ago and pays off monthly.

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17 apr 2013 11:16:51
boston marathon bombing. illuminati exposed?

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Man on a roof at Boston marathon (seen in the above video)

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Or how about a man was on the roof watching the marathon!

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17 Apr 2013 07:48:06
Boston marathon on Monday, 'earthquake' in Iran yesterday. Thatchers funeral today, interesting to see what they do there.


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