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17 Dec 2011 19:36:48
just putting this one out there anyone have any theries on Kirsty MacColl's mysterious death i have seen and heard a couple of documentries but they were on the bbc , and she certainly ruffled feathers.

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There was strong evidence showing a cover up concerning the boat that hit her and a patsy was foung guilty when very strong evidence points to a high ranking officials son was responsible

mark d

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So it couldnt have been an accident then, why is it when someone famous dies, there has to be a reason for it. Leave it, she died too young in an unfortunate set of circumstances.

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Because often it's the famous people that die young who are the rebellious ones that don't follow the dogmas of the Illuminati.

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17 Dec 2011 00:02:13
Bradly manning will be lu ky if he gets freedom while he is young,kangeroo court will prob give him 20 years,as for julian assange they want more than a trial for him, sarah palin said he should be hunted down like al qaeda, another politican wants him excuted,i wonder why? He is wanted for sexuall harresment and rape,it seems anyone the goverment want out the way there seems to be a rape or porn case that appears. frankyscouse.

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End of the day Manning still committed treason.

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We all know the US of A are guilty of mass murder of civilians,they also know that we know that they are guilty of the said crimes,however when the public see written proof of the crimes the US of A they dont like it one bit.....Bradly Manning is a dead man walking. {Ed001's Note - I wonder how many people mentioning Manning is guilty of treason will remember that every single one of the US's Founding Fathers was also guilty of treason. That Manning was simply following the exact same path that they took, in standing up to a corrupt government.}

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Well said ed

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I know one thing ...if assange is going down he'll down blazing and release all the really incrimiating documents ....thats what i would do ......because the truth is in the best interests of the public

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If assange is clever and i think he is, he will have made copies, many of them to be relased if he has a unfortunate accedent or he gets a life sentence. To be honest, i can't see him releasing any documents and has prob made a deal with the fbi. Frankyscouse

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Lets not forget that the ones who arent told the truth by governments are the ones who pay for their war machine,they never consult us even though they waste billions of our taxes on invading other countries for corporate greed,as for Julian Assange he,ll probably end up the same as Dr Kelly.

{Ed033's Note - It's strange that Assange hasn't been "suicided" yet unless the "City Of London" crowd controlled Wikileaks right from the start and that's why Assange came to London when he started being threatened by other countries, to be protected by his handlers. Maybe the "City Of London" crowd want to release certain info to upset other countries/groups for some reason.}

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Deffo must be a major reason why he is alive,either my prvious post theroy or your therey edd. Frankyscouse
{Ed033's Note - yes, who knows?}

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I doubt he'll wind up dead, there's far too much publicity around it now, people will ask too mnay questions. If he was going to be offed it would have happened right at the start and that still would have kicked up a stink.

Even if he really did kill himself people would still think it was suspicious.

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Thats why i think hes made a deal to hush up,

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