Conspiracy Talk Archive February 17 2013


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17 Feb 2013 21:00:38
I have posted on here a couple of times about NWO and the system that we are seeing fall in to place, I don't know if any of you have read or listened to this before, but it made me feel very uneasy reading it, it is not for kids to see and it is not for those who are frightened easily by conspiracy theory, this was written in 1999 and has some of the most intelligent people around thinking it could be genuine or a very intelligent Government shill/troll at the least, I will leave it to you to decide, here is the link.


Listening to the link made me think we have never been free we have always paid unjust taxes and had people dying in wars over greed, I think only dumb people would be shocked at this audio, one thing I do agree with is how can you get angry at your enemy when you don't know who your enemy is? people name the rothchilds/rockafellers and others as being behind it all no doubt they have a part to play but I think there are people who we have never heard off who really run the show.


I agree Frankie! Why put your self in the spotlight when you can a hire a puppet! I know this is a different case but think George Bush Jnr proved this! Don't think we'll ever find out who actually runs the world!


Yes definitely puppets in place, my mum know visits this site and watches you-tube conspiracies asked me the other day did I think bush knew about 9/11? to me he never had a clue, and would you trust bush with that type of secret?he is not the smartest cat is he? nice to see you bk again rr.


18 Feb 2013 10:27:56
No Bush didn't have clue, you can see that from his reaction when he was at that school and he was told they'd just been attacked. He's not that good an actor, he was genuinely shocked and paralysed by the scale of what had happened. Maybe they'd said "we're going to stage an attack, a modern day gulf of tonkin, you'll know when it happens". I'm sure he knew something was coming but was expecting much much smaller probably something along the lines of uss cole or the east african embassy bombings, after all they were pretty much just the warm up attacks. Then when he realises he's been played but there's nothing he can do but go along with it. In a way I feel for the guy, he's been raised with a deceitful father and a manipulative grandfather fed a load of tut about the Bush grand legacy and when they get him to the White House he finds out he's just a patsy for whoever really runs things. And I doubt we'll truly know who runs things. Mort

Hey mort good weekend? what goes on in Newcastle stays in Newcastle eh? lol


18 Feb 2013 13:20:24
Alright franky la, all just say it was as good as ever and slept ten straight hours. However i've found another conspiracy. Instead of having a nice comfortable day i've spent the morning stripping wallpaper. They can always find you work. Mort

Tell me about it feller women are ruthless.


18 Feb 2013 14:38:22
o aye they are that. One room stripped, next up its paint undercoat, then go shopping for a new cooker. Mort

This book gives you a little taster of the sort of people pulling the strings. hell of a read

Thanks Frankie don't seem to get on here as much as I used too but always pop in and read your posts! Have you ever watched the video when Bush find out about 9/11! What gets me is the fact that he sits there for like 5 minutes before leaving! Also isn't his father high up In the illuminati? I know Bush snr was a financial advisor for the Bin Ladens at the time! What I've read on Bush Snr this guy is pure Evil!


21 Feb 2013 00:03:16
RR if you think George H Bush is bad then go check out his dad, George W's grandfather Prescott Bush. Shady family. Mort

I will do Mort thanks! If I'm honest it scared me a little bit as to how powerfull these men actually are not just in America but on a global front! But I'll defo have a read up on him Mort thanks!