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17 Jan 2012 22:06:02
What are peoples theories on the strange sound heard all over the world?

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Its an interesting one alright...some were claiming it to be people doctoring the videos and adding in the sound however a lot of news agencys around the world are running the story including their own cameras picking up the sound...i think it might have something to do with some sort of magnetic pole shift or something...unless it is some sort of a start to some project bluebeam operation in which case we will find out soon enough!

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Not heard anything about this any links?


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What sound is that then?

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Just search strange sounds 2012 on

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Are you on about the bleep (think it's called that?) that under water noise?

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I live in South Dorset and since yesterday I keep hearing boom sounds together 2/3 or 4 at a time.
Ive just check and there is no military firing on the lulworth coastal range which was last on 12th Jan. Like a thunder sound fairly close by.
Have these boom sounds been heard elsewhere?
Also, what is project Omega? If anyone knows....


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Supasub I know that in Cornwall booms are heard quite often but that is put down to Military Installations using their Black Technology or secret planes

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I am from derry northen ierland and last week there was a boom sound police were called thought there was a bomb but found no trace off a bomb going off a locall radio station had it on there news and a lot of people were phoneing in about hereing loud booms at different times and different areas around derry and co donegal no one can explane

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Took a look at quite a few vids on youtube as suggested by above poster. There appears to be two themes. Some vids have an overlay of the same sound whilst others share the same style of presentation...this waters it down for me. Based on the results of the search on youtube ("Strange sounds 2012") it smells a bit fishy and almost points to the vids coming from the same source, obviously with a little help.

Personally, i think to actually hear something like that would be truly frightening. The people filming/recording this noise seem remarkably calm.

And, after a google or two all the hits are mainly links to alternative or free thinking sites or what ever label you care to attach to those who don't share the mainstream view.

So, really not convinced at the mo but quite intrigued. Would like to know more if anyone has any pointers.


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This was heard in the grimsby area last night local paper reporting it as a sonic boom but other saying they saw flares in the sky just after.


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17 Jan 2012 18:10:28
ed, any videos on big cats in the UK?

(PS, i recently read that scientists were doing DNA samples on a dead deer carcass that was found, do you know if anything has came of that?) thanks.

{Ed033's Note - I'm sorry, I don't know and don't know about big cats videos but below is a very interesting documentary from richplanet on the animal mutilations phenomenon

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Yeah, i watched that yesterday ed lol. very interesting, same incisions on all the animal around the world.. surely something ET must be happening with them?
{Ed033's Note - Yes it can't all be MILABS (Military Abductions)

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Could it be the greys?


{Ed033's Note - Yes it could be the greys.}

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I can 100% confirm that big cats exist in the UK, as one went for me as I was cycling home one night in the Cotswolds.

It was dark and under moonlight I could make out what appeared to be a large black labrador. I heard a rustling in the woods and thought nothing of it, however something started darting through the trees parallel to the road and over the wall it came. As it ran up to me it must have changed its mind or something because it ran across the front wheel of my bike, across the road and into the woods on the other side. It definitely wasn't a lab though however as it was considerably bigger and the sound it was making as it sprinted across the road was terrifying.

Nobody believed me until 2 years later when it was caught on CCTV in Cirencester, Gloucestershire and was on the front page of the Standard.

cheers, merka.

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Totally believe in ABC's (alien big cats) - where I grew up in South Wales, there'd been rumours of a family of pumas for years in a heavily forested area. Recently, more evidence has come to light such as droppings etc. Plenty of deer in that neck of the woods, no problem feeding a small group of big cats.

Not too long ago, I recall a body being found in Scotland of something known as a Kellas Cat (I think?). It was a hybrid, I beleive, of a domestic cat and a wildcat that seemingly is a new species of its own - we're not talking lion-size, more like a cocker spaniel but still.


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