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17 Jan 2013 22:05:14
this is a link for keenogs about skinwalker ranch definitely weird stuff around that area going on you tube and type in Extreme Paranormal at Skinwalker Ranch Part 1, plus there's a part 2, part1 tells there history of the area from native Indians and part is from 1996 from when biglow bought the ranch .


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18 Jan 2013 10:09:15
jesse ventura did this already and yes its one weird site.

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{Ed033's Note - Jesse Ventura Skinwalker Conspiracy

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Its a load of rubbish there all actors I hate people like these just trying to make money out of ufology ....theres no such conspiracy and the jamaican lass is a english celebrity and they ve changed her name

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Haha yeah I remember june sarpong she used to present T4 in the mornings. just out of curiosity ed's or anyone else for that matter, what exactly do you think of @conspiracy with jesse ventura'? I've watched it a few times and can't really decide if I think its anymore than a cheesy american money spinner or if there's more to it. what do you guys think ?

gordo {Ed001's Note - I am not a fan of Jesse Ventura, personally. I think he is just in it to make money, like everything else he has done. Though that is not to say he doesn't have some interesting things to say.}

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17 Jan 2013 20:29:07
hi guys edds this is not a conspiracy this a computer question , my laptop has all my bookmarks and tool bars like this site, liverpool rumours, fantasy footy etc, and my youngest daughter laptop she got for xmas has all my bookmarks on her google chrome, weird I never done and shes 9 and shes definitely not done it, any1 got a clue how this can happen?
ps its a good job I don't bookmark porn (joke)

frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - if you have used it and signed in on your Google account, it will transfer your settings over automatically.}

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Aaaa nice1 edd got a bit paranoid then ha, edd1 one more question mate nothing to do with this site, I can never get a answer on the football rumours, last week I asked about this kid I seen on the lfc channel he was only on 2 mins if that and played a instinctive pass think the kids called jordan rossiter I will be honest I have never heard of him before the game, since your connections around liverpool what's the word around about this kid?

frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - I did answer a few questions about him mate, pretty sure one was from you. It is just such a busy site, posts can easily be missed. The word is that he is a class apart and will be a star. The same buzz about him that there was when Gerrard, Owen and Fowler came through. These days that is about all that comes out of the club, people are happy to talk about the youth coming through etc, but they are clamming up more and more about transfers.}

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Nice1 edd for the heads up, hope the kid makes it we do need a scouser identity even thou we are going for predominantly uk kids. cheers again mate.

frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - fingers crossed mate.}

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Just don't mention Wesley Sneijder....


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We have more chance of signing Wesley Snipes

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17 Jan 2013 16:09:09
For anyone interested in the Sandy Hook posts by Vincent, another mass shooting is worth investigating, Dunblane.
There are plenty of sites that deal with the lies told in that case, and why some of the coroners evidence is subject to the F.O.I.A. and not to be disclosed for 50 years. Allegedly there were freemasonic links...... between the killer, Thomas Hamilton and Lord (George) Robertson the labour peer and one time head of NATO. According to the inquest Robertson had signed Hamilton's shotgun application as a character referee. Interesting stuff.


Note for Ed, I understand your constraints so feel free to delete from:- freemasonic links...... Many thanks

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I believe it was to cover up a paedophile ring.

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17 Jan 2013 13:30:39
Frankyscouse. I know all about bob bigalowe. He owns mufon and so on but I watched jesse ventura and on that he says about the giant wolf and the orbs but apparently he has discoverd something and I'm trying to find out what. Cheers franky.


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17 Jan 2013 11:22:37
peoples take on super powers?

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17 Jan 2013 12:50:28
Alright - let's do it! pea

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There cool. I want some.

Matty b

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Is intuition/reading someone's emotion's and thoughts a dumbed down version of a stronger ancient telepathic connection due to a calcified/shrunken pineal gland? Potential super-power on a more serious note? Just thinking outside the box....


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