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17 Jul 2013 22:48:38
I've just been watching a programme on C4 called 'Skint' which, as you've probably guessed, is about the poor and unemployed in England. As a result of being jobless, quite a few were taking drugs.

This got me thinking. Will Governments ever totally eradicate drugs? Do they even want to?

I think that Governments want to be seen to be coming down hard on dealers/ cartels etc. but actually I think it's in their best interests that the more vulnerable in society have access to it. How will the masses rise up if they're drugged up or still reeling from the effects of drug use?

That's my 2 pennies worth, would be interesting to see what you guys think.


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If it is making them money they are going to roll with it, I assume you are talking about illegal drugs?but even legal drugs like alcohol suit there purpose, sell it cheap enough in supermarkets that in turn kills of the pubs which was a social meeting for everyone, ten years down the line pubs are dead, people do not mix as much because it is cheaper to drink at home and now they say we all drink way to much and it is bad for everyone, so they raise the prices.

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Ever wondered why major drug seizure are mainly pot and anything harder in small quantities, in afghanistan the US wanted to spray poppy fields, the british said no won't allow it think of the poor farmer.

What does that tell you. the drug war is a sham designed to make the more gullible think everyone around them is a junkie who will rob them blind

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17 Jul 2013 19:53:19
2ND Person Of Interest Spotted On Roof Of The Lenox Hotel Boston

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17 Jul 2013 13:38:28
There are now weather hotlines and twitter feeds offering tips on how to deal with the hot weather! Are there really people so thick that they don't know when they are too hot? Or that they should drink when they are thirsty? What next? A warning in December not to go out in shorts and a tee shirt as it might be cold?

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18 Jul 2013 19:27:47
Wouldn't work in Newcastle :-)

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17 Jul 2013 11:27:5417 Jul 2013 11:24:03
Here's a few ideas for a poll, Ed.

Do we live in a Democracy?

Should we abolish the monarchy?

Do politicians care about the poor?

Should we have a constitution?

Btw I'd vote, No, Yes, No and Yes. Thoughts anyone?


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{Ed033's Note - The problem with the word 'Democracy' is our definition is different from the controller's definition. So from their point of view, they may think we're in or almost in a Democracy (their definition being something like, 'we say, the people do')

We pay lips service called a democracy.
abolish no we should try them for treason and murders.
have politicians ever cared genuinely about the poor?
a constitution only works if you have trustworthy people to implement it.

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We live in a pseudo democracy. Democracy just means mob rule

abolish the monarchy. That is all

Politicians are, in general, self serving liars. The desire to be one should ban you from ever being one.

Constitution is a waste of time. Rules are made to be bent, broken and manipulated, it would seem.

Jimi 88

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No. no. no and no
the monarchy own the US, the us is just a registered company, as is the UK.

There is no democracy but with pc and buzzwords, people believe we are democratic.

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17 Jul 2013 10:18:42
A question for all that post on this site really including the Eds! Do you get a sense of fear when writing a post about certain topics? Just lately freedom of speech has somehow been removed and people arrested and some jailed for giving their opinion on the matter! Just got me thinking that maybe these sites are monitored and what we post is recorded! Or is that me being paranoid?


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{Ed033's Note - It's all about control and the elitists use what they call 'Weapons' against us. One of the most devastating 'Weapon' is Political Correctness. Virtually everyone has been brainwashed by it and think it's a good idea.

Obviously some people aren't brainwashed by the 'Weapons' and because when we communicate with each other, we might learn stuff from each other, this has to be controlled so even though they have no lawful authority to stop free speech as we have an unalienable right to free speech, they are going to force a control on speech and the brainwashed will go along with it using certain examples that they have seen or heard on the mainstream media (whether real or fake) to justify controls on speech.

What we have in law is slander, whereby someone who thinks they have been slandered can seek remedy but a fictional entity such as government/state/crown has no lawful authority to dictate to us what is and what is not acceptable to say.

RR, fear no, but my eyes are wide open to the fact we are all getting monitored either on these types of websites and social network sites, it is only our opinion on touchy subjects but the way they are making new laws or not even using the law to detain people for their beliefs then I can see the people getting charged for treason in twenty years for what was once called freedom of speech.

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I forgot to mention what edd said about Political Correctness now for the last few years I have been watching big brother and people should watch it, not for the housemates who want instant fame and will do anything to get there but how BB manipulates a certain person they do not like or are bored of, what BB are doing is exactly what the media are doing to us all everyday, now getting back to the Political Correctness angle on Tuesday before the show started it said some viewers might find these scenes distressing, I am thinking could have been a big fight or someone has lost the plot or a sexual attack, then it turns out they manipulate the situation by putting a black guy who has a bird and the irish bird who fancy each other feed them and ply them with plenty of booze, the black boxer guy who has had problems and is not a drinker, throw that all in the mix with a model who wants fame and he gets accused of practically assault after a play fight, now to me this has been blown up out of all proportion, do I think the black guy could have handled it better? absolutely but to me this is the media telling us what is and not acceptable.

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I don’t watch BB but I did read about that incident and to be honest Franky, the Media don’t have to point that out, to me it was pretty inappropriate. I do get your point on how producers of the show can manipulate who they do and don’t like and therefore make good people seem bad. It gets ratings.

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I agree mate he should not have done it but if they are playing by those certain rules then it has to be fair all round.

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Political correctness has blurred the lines between freedom of speech and slander IMO. When I think of something I'm about to say, I never know if it's genuinely insulting, politically incorrect or whether I have the right to say what I feel. Poor example, but if anyone has been watching coronation street, you'll know that you can't say the slightest adverse phrase for fear of being called racist/ homophobic/ xenophobic etc.!


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Agree with frankyscouser here regarding BB.

Only reason I watch is for psychoanalytical purposes. It's intriguing to watch how people in that show interact, from a psychological standpoint.

It is even more interesting how BB reprimands housemates, and manipulates situations. Honestly don't believe the voting is genuine and have never done it.

ConspiracyKen, you're right too. I think PC is mental. It's all centred around people getting offended. Hypothetically, I could get offended at absolutely anything.

An example of just how ridiculous it is. Here in NI there was a story in the paper about a man who was ordered by police to take his Christmas decorations down as his next door neighbour found them offensive. JOKE!

Hell, even look at the FA and Luis Suarez. Harshly treated for calling Evra a "little black man". How does THAT constitute racism? People seem to miss the fact racism is about oppression etc. Then compare that to what John Terry said, which was much worse. Less punishment. Xenophobic?

Speaking of xenophobia. In the celeb version of BB Heidi and Spencer were shunned because they were American. They were a bit obnoxious and what not but did stand on principle quite a bit, but anytime they were slated, it wasn't because the were "obnoxious" it was always "obnoxious Americans". What 's that got to do with it!

So many double standards and contradictions. I just say what I want to say, and couldn't care if someone gets 'offended' because this attitude of "this offends me" and "that offends me" like they're entitled to get offended as though it's a right. It's not, it's a choice. People are getting wrapped in cotton wool.

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Completely agree with you NI Gunner on all the points you made, except the Saurez one, he called Evra the and word at least 7 times which Suarez said was normal in his country and then in their next meeting refused to shake Evra's hand, anyway on the whole I agree with you. I hope my correction doen't OFFEND you!

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{Ed001's Note - more of an issue with the reporting is not what happened but how it has been reported. Both the FA and Evra took great pains to state that they did not believe Suarez was racist and that he was not found guilty of racism. Every report I have read says that he was found guilty of racism! It is simply a bare faced lie and a way of manipulating people into a reaction, well over reaction. They always fail to point out that Evra admitted racially abusing Suarez causing him to react with racial abuse as well. Not that I am saying it was ok to react, just that the media are manipulating what they choose to report and what they miss out in order to stir up the public.}