Conspiracy Talk Archive March 17 2013


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17 Mar 2013 10:46:11
Not much of a conspiracy theorist but do you have any idea what happened with this family that got killed in the alps and the cyclist that the media were all over a few months back and now there is nothing on. it just it all comes across proper sketchy to me. As if its been swept under the rug.

To me it was a professional hit on them not a bloody money feud between blood relatives, who knows?it has been suggested he was a spy double agent with he's iraq background and its a fact that british intelligence were monitoring him during the gulf war, unless someone finds hard facts we will never know.

Nothing has been mentioned about the body of the British man (mathematician code breaker) found in a locked suitcase in London who had just started working within mi5 or mi6.


Another murder, imagine this you work for mi6 and are privy to important cases and info and it takes he's sister to alert police not a secret agency he works for, either they done it or knew about it.