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17 Nov 2013 17:23:34
Interesting article in the mail. Humans do NOT come from Earth. what's your thoughts guys and girls?

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I think we were created by a higher intelligence whether we are from a different planet I have no idea.

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17 Nov 2013 18:44:51
The solar system needed an insane asylum. pea

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The evidence:
"Bad backs"? Show me another species, our size, that spends 2/3 of its lifetime working.
"Strong dislike for naturally occurring foods"? We eat compacted hormones and processed mysteries, I'm amazed we still have tongues and not straws for mouths.
"Sunburns"? If you live far from the equator and have about 50 sunny days a year, during which you cover your skin with a bucket of sun screen, your body shouldn't be accustomed to prolonged exposure to the sun. If it did, your skin would not be able to absorb sunlight and your body would not be able compose vitamin D.
"Ridiculously high rates of chronic disease"? Foreign particles in the atmosphere (spraying), foreign particles in water (fluoride and chlorine), bad diet, stress etc. cause "chronic diseases". Dis-ease = not being at ease. In all seriousness, chronic diseases are a lot more akin to slow poisoning than most people care to know.
"Babies’ heads are so large"? If 3 year old dogs had the problem solving capabilities of an adult human, their heads would be monstrous. Additionally, if one takes into account that humans don't have to fend for themselves for at least a decade after their birth it puts things in perspective.
"Women having difficulty giving birth"? I remember talking to a woman that had an all natural birth, no epidural. She described it as a bliss unlike to any other.
"People just feel like they are not at home on our planet"? From living under trees in the day and stars at night, to concrete and artificial lights. When our direct environment has gone through such a drastic transformation in the last 50-100 years, "filling at home" would make you artificial.
"Naturally violent species"? When the people given an avenue to be heard are those who have nothing of value to say, how would you expect those people, whose lives can be likened to manifestations of injustice to behave? The barrel eventually fills up and then it explodes.
"Intended to create debate, instead of being a scientific study". You need arguments to have a debate. All you can hope for with these, is to amuse.
To sum this article up, we come from a small planet or satellite, with thick atmosphere, where processed food grows naturally and it rains lube.

I'm pretty sure I was born on this planet which makes me an earthling. Theories mentioning the use of genetic manipulation to give rise to us have been around for a while. This article will be hard pressed to bring forth that discussion.

A far more relevant question to this article would be, what purpose does its publication serve?

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{Ed001's Note - it doesn't explain why a species evolving on a 24 hour cycle planet has a natural 25 hour body cycle though.}

I do believe we were created by a higher intelligent race, I believe they were our gods, but they left for reasons unknown! Do they still exist? Who knows! I actually think we were created here for some scientific experiment, yes you might call me crazy but this is what I believe!


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I believe we were created by another being from a different planet, but I disagree with what this guys thinks.

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I agree with Zari. for some reason or other we landed on this earthly planet. circumstances beyond our control. maybe for a greater purpose. can't understand why or what for. if i'm being honest i'm pretty scared don't know how you guys feel or what you think. are we controlled by something higher than ourselves. will it go wrong and what do you expect will happen to us. truthfully.

red blancmonge

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A lunar day lasts about 24 hours and 50 minutes. Luna also controls the subtle wave patterns of water on the earth. All cultures are rife with full-moon stories. We seem to be the only species on this planet that spends time star gazing. Perhaps our cycles adapted to the lunar cycle. We have used lunar based calendars along with solar based ones throughout our history.

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{Ed001's Note - that is all very well, but that does not explain why our body would adapt to live by that cycle, when it needs to be adapted to the cycle on earth. You don't wake up when the moon shows up. That is a nonsense explanation, sorry. It makes no sense whatsoever.}

I was merely suggesting that there could be a connection between the way the moon affects bodies of water and our own body of water. After all, waves don't cease when the moon is on the other side of the earth.
In anyway, it wasn't meant as an explanation as we still don't know exactly how the moon affects life on earth.
Research shows that our bodies can easily adapt to 23-25 hour cycles and to extremes of 48 hours with enough repetition. These NASA experiments are carried out so we can adapt to the rhythm of other planets.
All the research I have read on this subject, keeps mentioning artificial light as a possible explanation for the alteration of circadian rhythm.
On the other hand, if we were genetically engineered but only spend time living on this earth, how would our bodies have adapted to a 25 hour cycle? Is that programming somewhere in our DNA?

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18 Nov 2013 15:13:17
Either we are out of place or something has been done to "nature" to make things seem that way.
I go with the latter. pea

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17 Nov 2013 14:42:48
{Ed033's Note - To send non consent notices about digital 'smart' meters, go here:

Live Blood Analysis - Observable Effects of Radiation via Digital 'smart' meters

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Thanks ed, I didn't realise about this, I've signed up for it though.

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{Ed033's Note - it would be good for people to watch the 'Take Back Your Power' film to become informed at:

17 Nov 2013 09:22:13
Oblivion movie, last eve Super Bowl in 2017, anything in it?


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I really don't think so mate I wonder why they even put the Super Bowl part in the film though. I think it was just to give Cruises Character a link to talk about the past that people will relate to. I enjoyed the special affects but I don't think this film was trying to tell us anything to be honest if any big motion picture is even really trying to tell us something of importance? We all know on here that the powers that be have complete control & a long term plan that could see these sort of things come to life in the future. I personally believe anything that's intentionally shown to us that we might think could happen like in movies & TV Shows is to get us distracted from the real travesty's ahead. They couldn't be so dumb & brazen to put so many signs out there day in day out I think that they do this to antagonise the people like us who do believe into doing something stupid by throwing it in our faces to an extent that people lose there mental strength.

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