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17 Oct 2011 15:25:31
heres a interesting one- we are really the fallen angles put into human bodies on this - prision planet ,to choose good or evil , when you think about it if we came from a creator and are really spirt- form whatever that is , then we are entrnal , lets be honset we dont know where we came from , how old the earth etc is , some people think we came about with no god or the like , yet the very nature of everything tells us theres intellingent engineering behind it, has anybody got a damm clue..........lfc

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Sounds very much like the Cathars....

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Very interesting... {Ed001's Note - I have read a lot about the Cathars, they fascinate me.}

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Indeed Ed001, very interesting bunch, some good ideas on the religion although i wouldnl't fancy being a perfecti.

There is some right guff written on them though, like all the linking with the grail legend. {Ed001's Note - I don't know enough about the link to know if there is any truth in it or not, but their duallistic beliefs are very similar to the ones that the Templars were accused of having.}

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True and they were around at the same time, in a similar geographic area but i think its just co-incidence, maybe one influenced the other.

The idea's go back to the early years of the church and got stamped out once. Like any idea someone thought it again. The cathars were heavily influenced by the bogomils of bulgaria.

Who knows, maybe the idea will become popular again.

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17 Oct 2011 10:35:10
i am a football fan and i'm trying to connect illuminati thing with it.
No, if illuminati s are the real deal and do run the big things around the world then wwhy can't they have influence on football.
Look at barcelona,( apologies to barca fan)'
They are in lot of debt' yet they can have almost all of spain national team, then messi and then can have losses incurred in transfers like with ibrahmobich (spelling) and yet pay for villa last season , sanchez this season . That is unusual money or so i think. And also looking at unusual amount of favours they get from refs time after time makes me wonder someone big is behind them.
It may be all silly but makes me wonder,hmmmm....

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I think you have got it the wrong way around , real are backed by the spanish govement and always have been , with barca - they are just overspending , but both these clubs are huge worldwide , but its real who get the special treament money wise and barca i have to say have had some refs , not a lot - remember chesksi , help them i think.........lfc

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I would agree with you on that one lfc for sure, Barca are the European Manutd in terms of referees. Remember RVP last year? Barca had to go through. Trouble with football is you cannot control the players no matter who you are so they have probably left it - but the adverts you watch when you're watching football...well that's another story.

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I guess the Patriots would be ran by the illuminati. Their in a CFR strong hold and you cant hit Brady

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17 Oct 2011 07:52:20
God or the devil kill no one , people & nature kill people.

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Putting aside the lack of evidence for the existence of either, the Bible says otherwise.

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So why believe the bible, Religion was invented by man therefore the bible was invented, It holds no value for anyone's belief unless your a diehard christian

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17 Oct 2011 04:53:43
Anybody read a book called 'Black oil / Red blood' by Diane Castle - Interesting stuff.... HERBIE

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17 Oct 2011 00:39:43
R.I.P DAN WHELDON dies in a sport he loved always the good guys this happens to where is this so called 'GOD'who is meant to look after people

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Everyone dies get over it

Irish Red

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Agreed, RIP Dan. Great loss to motorsport. Personally a petrol head, its sad to see this. Crashes are part of the spectical, but you never want to see a driver/rider harmed let alone die. I wont be as crude as Irish Red, but one thing is certain in life......

Nice to see you're empathic Irish Red..or not!


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A bit callous Irish Red.

As someone one said 1 death is a tragedy

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Sorry i didnt mean it like.Sorry for the statement and im sorry for his family but at the end of the day people will die because of car accidents and all that so you can't blame god

Irish Red

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It is sad that a man died in a horrible accident but i agree with Irish Red, soldiers die, babies in their sleep die but as their not famous people dont worry about them as they do a star but at the end of the day As we are born we are already dying it's just a matter of time no matter how horrible it is


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Fate is another matter. God looks after people who serve him and those who go with him through to the afterlife.

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The real trajedy would be not dieing and living to see mankind repeat te same mistakes over and over. Death and youre subsequent rage and hurt over it is the ultimate proof of god

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