Conspiracy Talk Archive October 17 2012


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17 Oct 2012 11:39:12
not so much a conspiracy as opposed to just what i believe to be a really interesting subject.deja-vu.ive had this a few times recently,the last was so surreal to the point where i knew what someone was about to say,to the very word.whats the take on this (not happening to me!) but just in general? i havent really read much on the matter,just fancied hearing what other peoples take on it is? its an incredibly strange feeling!

cheers guys,

I must admit that I get this quite a lot. Sometimes I'm in a situation and it's like I've dreamt the next action or what the person says next. I don't mind telling you, it freaks me out sometimes.

Deja-vu is linked to lucid dreaming. If you get déjà-vu regularly and you can remember most of your dreams, there is a high chance you can lucid dream. Lucid dreaming is being able to take control of and alter your dream after realising that you're actually dreaming.
I've done this a few times but it is hard to do with respect to knowing you're dreaming.


I've heard it all before


I,m not sure if this is bull... But I remember reading somewhere that Deja Vu is explained like this....
The channels that takes information that u see from ur right eye take longer to get back to the brain than ur left eye!
So its like you are literally seeing something a split second before you see it again!
Think I confused myself a little there! Hope it makes sense!


If that was true we wud constantly be having déjà vu


Macko your on the right lines but the wrong way round. Deja-vu is a result of your left eye seeing something and sending the image to the part of your brain that processes this (the name escapes me but its right at the back of your head) a split second before your right eye. it common in everybody but it happens lots to some people. Its nothing to do with dreams or seeing the future or being in that time and place before. With Deja-vu you often feel like you've seen it before which you have (a split second b4) and you feel like you know exactly whats going to happen next or whats going to be said next but the words just wont come and thats because you dont really no whats going to happen next.