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17 Oct 2013 12:50:13
To my fellow Big foot enthusiasts. bit of a breakthrough, not solid but it ask questions.

http://uk. news.

I read a link last night about this new dna news, I think its a load of rubbish.

Hey Franky, maybe so mate but to me it shows that there is animals out there not yet discovered

Wow. a conspiracy that franky actually disagrees with! Bigfoot is way to far fetched when compared to secret cults ruling the world or black tech holograms destroying the twin towers.


18 Oct 2013 12:53:45
AP - It's okay being a smart-arse if you're smart. Otherwise. pea

Ap you just got shown the door haha! just go back and obey your masters, the issues here might just be too complex for you :) have a cracking weekend chaps

Ap you must have read my post wrong, I do believe in bigfoot but what I read that it was a polar bear and a brown bear that mated, I have my own theory on bigfoot, for the record mate I do not believe in god or father christmas.

Franky do you mind me asking what your theory is on Bigfoot?

P. F. M

I agree wth lloyd Pies theory, u shoul check that out PFM

P. f. m my theory on bigfoot is what the native americans believe in, skinwalkers.

Sorry franky,

God does exist.
just not the rubbish the new testament spouts. I'm a practicing Buddhist and go to temple most day's
I have witnessed some unbelievable things, most of which have happened to myself.
I swear on my 2 children's lives.
Siddhartha sleeps but will return,
evils beware.
Stevie Thai

Stevie Thai Franky did not say God does not exist. He said he does not believe in God. The existence of God cannot be proven or disproven. I respect your belief system, but please do not present it as fact.

All the best. Ryan.

Cheers ryan, stevie if you believe in god more power to you, it is just my opinion and when we all die we will finally find out.

Or we won't Franky.

Melbourne CFC

True mate.

Thanks for the responses, I respect everybody's veiws.
will post more soon, but no more on faith.
if anyone is interested in Buddhism this link translates in English the chants, don't like the word prayer or religion as it reminds me of forced church going- sorry,
board. palungjit. org
power to the people evil's beware,
Siddhartha sleeps, but We all will be awakened.
Stevie thai

Stevie I watched george harrison documentary and if I am not mistaken he was in to the same stuff as you, like a deep meditation chanting certain words, and his wife said when he was on his death bed just as he died the room literally lit up, I do not know if you meant that is what you meant?for the record I do not believe in a god when we die but I do believe in our souls go to a different place.

Hi franky,
I have been reading your posts for a while and find you very interesting.
I believe God isn't a good word to describe what I believe, although I did use the term in my previous response-apologies.
I believe in a creator, a single consciousness that designed everything, but this consciousness is of a much higher dimension than we.
when we die we either move up a level of consciousness, if a good lifestyle is led, or reincarnated to try and learn from past lifes mistakes. in regards to George Harrison, I believe this was his consciousness /soul moving to the next level because off his lifestyle and faith.

also, franky, I believe that karma dictates your reincarnation, bad people may return as an animal or less fortunate person.

people who do well but don't quite make it will return human and in a more fortunate position than previous life.

thanks for the reply franky, pleasure to correspond with.

Evils beware, WE all will be awoken soon.

No worries mate keep posting.

To Ryan,
I'm not presenting this ss fact, I'm presenting this as experience.
apologies if it came across differently.
by the way, do you have a man crush on franky?
joking off course. regards Stevie thai
evils beware we're awakening and coming to get you.

No apology necessary Stevie. The diversity is what makes this site enjoyable. I've learnt so much here from the Eds and all the regular posters. I don't know if I can believe your reincarnation theory above, but that doesn't mean I don't like the idea. It would be fantastic you were right :)

All the best pal.


20 Oct 2013 17:52:21
Sounds kinda like the force in star wars