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17 Sep 2012 16:07:41
Does anyone actually feel the the lotto or euro lotto is rigged?


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Yes, why is it you can't purchase up to say 30 seconds before the draw.
Also, after a draw has been made they are able to tell almost instantly exactly what the winning combinations are based on all the combinations sold.
So alternatively before a draw is made they have at least a couple of hours after the 7.30pm cut off. I'm guessing that after the cut-off time they are able to tell instantly however many different combinations have not been picked.
Thus giving them time to weight balls or whatever they might do.
The fact they can tell all the winning combinations straight away is the obvious one as they would be able to tell losing combinations straight away also. If it was truly random numbers I don't think you'd have a cut-off time.


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If you buy a lucky dip there will always be s group of numbers missing, say 20s or 30s, and everytime a draw is made there will be 2,3 or 4 from that group. They cant have just anyone having that kind of money can they!!

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Thats ridiculous. how can they know who brought the tickets in the first place. couple of sore losers out there.

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The number 36 comes up almost every time, it's too strange.

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If you put your regular numbers on and get ur ticket, ask for a lucky dip and see how closely matched the numbers are.


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It's not about who wins, I see it as controlling the jackpots. They get alot of revenue including the government.
When they get big jackpots advertised especially the euro lottery I will put my life on the fact they get much higher ticket sales.


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I would say that 2nd and maybe 3rd (and possibly many other) prize is the one doled out to 'insiders' or lackeys to make them feel important, and also to reward them.

Renegade Pea.

PS to say "that's rediculous" that the lottery is, or even might be, rigged is.... rediculous. Give yourself a shake pal!

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Almost every bank holiday draw is a rollover

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It must be fixed because ..i cant win it

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Richard Branson wanted to run it "not for profit" but got turned down. Absolutely discusting.

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17 Sep 2012 15:36:06
Does anyone else think that western countries such America and to a certain point the UK deliberately start these up raising in the middle east and use it as an excuse to keep oil prices up by saying its in a venerable area

Das Shadow

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Yes the middle east and oil are important to the globe and those who control that control the world

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The USA Invented/funded the Al Quaida lot and then have the cheek to force how bad they are down your throat 20 years later. Have a look at a brief history of Iran for a start...............


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17 Sep 2012 15:34:02
bk from middlesbourough,will be reading a few posts u guys posted,and cheers for the guys who added me on twitter,plus Aaron i checked out your site mate ,looked good and will be reading and posting a few bits on there.

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Cheers Franky. It's on twitter and Facebook too. Any contributions are more than welcome. We try and do what we can as often as possible which is hard with work and family commitments. Thanks for registering and for the feedback, it's really appreciated.

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16 Sep 2012 23:54:47
Petrol/diesel prices have crept up again. A few newspapers mentioned this could be to do with the banks rigging more prices to keep their profits up. I believe that little theory. Everyone who lives and works in this country has been and are still getting shafted, unless you're an MP or a top brass banker. Does anyone else think the fuel prices are ramped up coz of the banks?


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Yep. You look at the price of crude & it simply doesn't reflect the 'at the pump' price. Speculators play with every family's livelihood yet go home with massive bonuses.
Prices in the South are horrendous for petrol. From 1.39.9 to as much as 1.43.9 a litre for unleaded, Diesel is more. It's doubled in less than 6 years. People blame the Govt, & rightly so, the amount of duty on petrol is outrageous, but what makes us think that the unscrupulous petrol companies will drop forecourt prices when they can keep them the same and make even more billions in profit. That's even if the forecourt is owned by the petro-co. Most of them are franchises and are only in it for the profit. It's disgusting the way this country has repeatedly fleeced motorists & gets away with it.
The sooner an independent comes out and exposes a clean, zero point energy source the better. It'll kick these energy companies in the danglies until they force a buyout of the tech or discredit it in some underhand way. This world is doomed while it's run by bankers and fatcats.

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Totally agree there. I'm a truck driver and three years ago it would cost less than 200 to fill the tank, now it's over 300. All smaller companies are folding daily and even some of the more well known are badly struggling. Again three years ago I would work 20+ miles from home now I won't travel more than 10 miles it's not worth it and with 5 kids to feed, rent and council tax (another fleecing) plus gas and leky

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If you look at the price for the rest of the EU it's not that much higher in fact lower compared to some countries, however I agree as an oil producing nation it's shocking the amount we have to pay.

Jonty {Ed001's Note - what's shocking is that we are still buying it from abroad, when we grow crops that can produce petrol and diesel in our fields.}

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We have crops that can produce fuels? what type of crops are these ed as that is completely new to me. {Ed001's Note - rape seed, amongst numerous others. Top Gear even did a show about farming the field, planting it and producing diesel. The reason farmers are subsidised to grow all that rape seed, was purely because of an oil crisis and they were growing it ready to produce a replacement for crude oil. There is also the synthetic oil that Germany produced during WW2, that requires no crude oil.}

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We need to stop wasting money on crap as well.

Do we really need hand over money to countries like India when they have 1 of the largest standing armies in the world? And are undergoing a modernisation programme. A nuclear weapons programme and a space satellite programme? Maybe they should cut back on prestige programmes and spend their own money on sorting their slums out rather than tapping us. They've even admitted they don't need our money.

I don't begrudge sending money to places that genuinely need it, but more often than not it disappears into some dictators swiss or cayman bank account rather than helping people out.

Also and slightly more controversial is benefits. I am not suggesting that we cut benefits for people that need them, but there are people that get beneifts that don't need them. A famous example is Alan Sugar getting the winter fuel allowance, he's even said that he donates the equivalent sum of money to Great Ormond Street Hospital which ok is decent thing to do, but its still a waste of money giving him it to begin with.

Then you also have all thes old people who use it to fund 2 or even 3 cruises every year or use it to pay for their Spanish homes, so they are getting beneift in Britain when most of the year they are not even here!

I'm not just targeting the elderly, there are many examples of how the Welfare state is being abused. The system needs overhauling, too much money is wasted on those that don't need/ deserve it rather than going to those with a genuine need!

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I think we the 2nd highest in Europe behind the Germans. I seen that a small European country (can't remember which one) sells their diesel for the equivalent of 8p a litre. I cried big man tears. Then rage took over.


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Wrong again Arron... We are actually cheaper for petrol than Most! European countrys... Clearly you dont travel much.

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Before you start trying to be a smart arse and telling people how wrong they are, try spelling their name right. Mine is right above your post. Also I'm only going by something I seen on the Internet not so long back, so it's got nothing to do with how well I do or don't travel, so do me a favour, wind your neck in and leave your name next time. 


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These figures are as of Aug 2012 the following countries pay more for petrol than the UK.
Denmark, Germany, Italy, Netherlands Norway and Sweden so no we are not the 2nd highest in Europe well at least in August we where not.

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The one I was looking must of been out of date. I apologise for that. Still we're getting shafted for it. The price compared to say minimum wage, is chronic. Something needs to give. If the price of a litre was halved, companies could still make a massive profit of over a billion pounds.


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What I don't understand is Norway on the list above as far as I'm aware now own most of the north sea oil if not all of it, unless they have eye watering tax on fuel.


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