Conspiracy Talk Archive January 18 2013


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18 Jan 2013 15:46:51
Can anyone give me info or has any links on the Chineese and North Koreans funding terrorist activity. They are funding the uprisings in the Middle East as they know it will be key to control North Africa to conquer Europe where they will start the war. I have also heard they have started building towns and villages around the area. I have a cousin who lives in a small town in Algeria and he said there is a lot of construction going in the towns in the areas by Chineese and they are building appartment blocks but there is no need for such buildings in their towns. Any info on this would be great, thanks

It won't be just china/Asia/Russia funding any uprising in the middle east it will be the western alliance as well as for china building structures everywhere, money or lending money to other countries is worthless since we are in a world recession, it makes sense to build now while everything will be cheaper .


I watched a program not long ago, called the Ant mob or something, about youth unemployment in China. How rubbish the University system is, how the young pretty much have zero prospects. I just think the notion that they are a billion strong super race is silly, the people seem to have the exact same problems we do in everyday life.


The only 'terrorist' activity china are funding is hacking private and government computers

20 Jan 2013 11:48:05
yes it makes sense to build now as its cheaper but why are the chinese building empty towns all across africa where there is no need to build? Are just going to start shoving their own people into them? The place is over crowded after all. I can't see china actually invading europe. There's no point when they can just pretty much buy everything. {Ed001's Note - they are building new cities all across China too, then forcibly moving people into them. Maybe a similar thing is planned in Africa?}

20 Jan 2013 12:09:06
agreed ed. The place is massively over populated so spreading them out makes sense.

The chinese/nrth koreans/russians/uk/usa would not fund uprisings in the middle east its easier to do buisness with the monarchs and dictators already established we don't care about civil liberties when it comes to oil. As for the chinese buying up places it will probably be to move their own migrant workers there theyv already done it in the pacific islands and they bailed out many large american conglomerates. they are 'investing' in just about everywhere mainly to be good capitalist and have their fingers in as many pies as possible