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18 Jul 2012 22:31:31
just watched a fascinating documentary on bbc2 even thou they cancelled the 2011 riots, unseen court cases for some reason, anyway Google operation mincemeat.
very very clever men.

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Watched that a few years back they should have given the tramp a knighthood even thou he was dead

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18 Jul 2012 21:18:46
The G4s scandal, was it always meant to fail??

My favourite conspiracy theory for this (which to me sounds scarily plausible):

It was designed to fail by the Government, so they could put the troops on the ground. If they had said a year or two ago that they'll be deploying 3-4,000 troops on London's streets there'd be outcry... Now it's like 'good old army, helping out and saving the day!

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It's the Olympic mind games....

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I've been thinking the same, the media have had a
big pro military push in last few years ,then you have
all the army charities with numerous in-bedded TV
documentaries to boot. Say anything about the actual wars and their victims then your a ungrateful traitor .
I too think this is a stunt , maybe to test the water.

JR {Ed001's Note - I do find it amazing to suggest that any company could right now struggle to fill a vacancy. There are 50 people applying for the crappest of jobs all over the country. People are desperate for work, yet G4S have been unable to fill vacancies? It is ludicrous.}

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I recently advertised for 20 usher posts and got 1000 applications! So something fishy going on!

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18 Jul 2012 14:00:38
ed, do you think there could be a different reason troops are being called up to the Olympics?

{Ed033's Note - they maybe scared that some group might release something deadly that might mess up their hundreds of years zion ritual. In fact they maybe scared of an ET threat for all I know.

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It could be that they are doing it as part of thier job and not recieving any additional cash?? Does anybody know if they are getting paid extra to undertake the role? Sounds like the usual cost cutting/saving to me!! Hunter.

{Ed033's Note - Maybe they're attempting to "condition" us to having troops on the streets

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