Conspiracy Talk Archive July 18 2013


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18 Jul 2013 10:58:07
Hi guys, been away 4 a bit, but i'm back with a bang!

So in liue of the David Kelly case being scrutinized by experts. (check daily mail) and its 10 year anniversary. I got to thinking why are the case files subject 2 a time lock of 70 years? Why was it anjudge who ruled his death suicide as opposed 2 an expert?

After doing some reading up on the subject, I came across a similar piece about the late John Smith. This guy was a classic "old labourite". isn't it funny how if he got into power "new labour" would not have got a sniff? I mean let's face it Blair and his new labour peddled the one world, social dumbing down and zionist agenda. Funnier still his wife has a certain freemason in her family tree, a one John Wilkes Booth. if u know how 2 look u can see so many smoking guns.

Cases are time locked to ensure all involved are dead when the case reopens.

How many corpses do you see in court?

Jimi 88

Yes its called sweeping it under the carpet

Or burying the truth

I only live a few miles away from where Dr Kelly was killed. this is a complete cover up.