Conspiracy Talk Archive March 18 2012


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18 Mar 2012 11:22:45
I'd like to start off by asking anyone if they've ever encountered any problems dealing with the TSA upon going through customs inside US airports?

I had enormous problems trying to enter late last year. After being in line for what seemed like an eternity, i eventually got to the Security desk where they checked my passport, and administered the relatively newish Fingerprint and retina scanning. Becuase of the fact i visit the US twice a year on average it had been 3 or 4 years since id first accepted to be scanned for fingerprints and retina, and everytime since then had zero problems getting through. However, this time wasnt so smooth. As soon as my passport got scanned, the desk clerk mustered over 6 TSA agents, which took me to one side (in clear site of 4 flights worth of people) and interrogated me on my plans for the visit. After telling them repeatedly of my plans being purely a pleasurable stay visiting friends, i started to get a little annoyed, but knowing first hand some of the stories about US airport security, tried to maintain a cool head. I simply asked one question "If im over here surrounded by what looks like all the TSA officers on duty in this airport, why are you letting 4 planes worth of people go by without going through extra screening? This really pi$$ed them off. I was swiftly cuffed to a chair and told that i should keep my mouth shut andf let them get on with their jobs.
At this point i just started smiling, trying to exude a guilt free persona, while maintaining a firmly shut mouth! 20 minutes went by with me cuffed to a chair in front of alot of people while they did various background checks. Towards the end of this ordeal, the ranking TSA officer uncuffed me and threw my passport at me, claiming that this whole situation was caused by my photo being when i was 16 (and at the time i was 23, considerably different looking). I was told they were being lenient towards me and that any future visit to the US will require a more up to date photo. Floods of questions entered my mind, but with all the crap id endured i thought i'll keep them to myself and enjoy the rest of my stay in the Naziesque country. 2 simple questions sprang to mind, my passport has 3 years running so why would i need a new one, and also the fact they have fingerprints and retina scans so they KNEW it was my passport and identity.

Bit of a rant but was intrrigued if anyone else has encountered anything similar to this. I beleive i was singled out to be made an example of, by a underperforming useless cog in a useless security force.



just read their making money from Security check in!