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18 May 2012 14:12:38
This 2012 stuff makes me laugh.

People fail to understand that the Mayan has cycles, this will be the end of the 5th, but if you read about the first 4 you'll see that that in previous times they were literally mud people. It simply means that their year is ending, nothing more, nothing less.

Every year when the western calender ends do we sit here and say the world is going to end because everything starts again? no, no we don't.

When the Chinese year ends on February 10th 2013 are we going to sit here and say the world will end? no, no we won't.

People have simply thought, oh a civilization we don't know much about and there calender ends soon it HAS to be the end of the world.

In fact, the only think I'm worrying about to do with the end of the Human Race is Yellow Stone, we're due an eruption of past records are anything to go by.

Sorry about the little rant, it just really grinds me gears.

The Moon.

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Yellow stone scares me haha cant wait...

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Moon, the biggest problem with this issue is not the calendar. The surviving Mayan texts are in two formats. One is the calendar which as you rightly said will come to the end of the long Baktun. The whole doomsday problem has been created by alligning the calendar with the Mesoamerican creation myths and coming to the conclusion that the world will end on a specific day. I say roll on December 22 and see what excuses are made.

Cork Red Boi

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Whatever happens i do expect the world to go threw some very difficult times in 2012/13 either jellystone or another mother nature disaster ,this weather climate change we are having now is unheard off,snow in may? its just a gut feeling.
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - it used to snow regularly in May, this is nothing unusual, the weather has always gone through cycles. In Roman times Northumbria was hot enough in summer to be a vineyard.}

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17 May 2012 22:05:34
Maybe we are the aliens?
What does everyone think about this 2012 stuff?


{Ed033's Note - What 2012 stuff are you talking about? 2012 is a year like every other year.

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Or maybe we were created by the aliens?


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Lol you no what hes on about ed

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Maybe our ancient ancestors mated with aliens.


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Watch this clip. Maybe we were from alien ancestors, The Annanaki. About 10 minutes in but a great vid from the start. Pepperpot

Richard D. Hall - richplanet - alien ancestors part 1 of 2 below. Go here to watch parts 1and 2 combined -

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