Conspiracy Talk Archive May 18 2013


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18 May 2013 12:32:21
US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has demanded more information after the Air Force removed 17 launch officers from the nuclear missile base in North Dakota over what a commander called "rot in the force" (too much 'star wars', maybe?) The Air Force acknowledged concern about an "attitude problem" but told officers the weapons were secure (well that's a relief!).

An "attitude problem" LOL! How about the self-evident fact that your US military, the most aggressive military on the planet, is RABIDLY INSANE, Hmm? At least the weapons are 'safe'. Sleep tight, Chuck! pea

Sounds like a scene straight out of Dr. Strangelove!


And an excellent film, and one that Kubrick doesn't receive enough credit for (nor the great Peter Sellers).