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18 Oct 2011 13:19:08
I've seen this posted up here a few times, but what's everyone's perception on the theory of us being the 2nd intelligent species to dominate this planet?

Do we see it as believable? Ed, i'd like to hear your views on the matter.

The Moon. {Ed001's Note - I was going to leave this for someone else, someone who might be able to post in support of the theory. But instead I will post what I think is more likely. I lean towards the Maya belief, that of this being currently the 3rd age of man, and that there were previous ages. In my view I think it is more likely that humans tendency towards self-destruction has destroyed previous eras of technological advancement and sent humanity back to the beginnings. Rather than us being the 2nd set of intelligent beings, we are the first, revived for a 3rd crack at civilization.}

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This is where Samantha Cameron enters stage left!


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Moon i'd probably agree with the ED.

Atlantis, Sodom and Gomorrak, Mohenjo-Daro...

preshitoric brain surgery and amputations...

Evidence is slowly mounting up.


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Its a conspiracy why i can't type! Mort.

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Yes i bet your 'Mort'ified. lol
huddz red

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I certainly agree we have an amnesic history as a species but i don't wholly accept any of the cuurent theory floating about. I feal they touch on the trouch but there are just too many outliers to make accurate assumption
Leagalize Freedom

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18 Oct 2011 01:16:40
Why do you think the english government denied bloody sunday until recently

Irish Red

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Forgive me as i severely lack knowledge on Bloody Sunday however, i am trying to bring myself up to speed the best i can but what do you mean by the English government denied Bloody Sunday until recently?


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18 Oct 2011 01:13:09
Good to see our brothers and sisters across the globe are standing together against all of our corrupt governments and corporate greed.

Peace and power to them!



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