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18 Oct 2012 15:32:45
Only just come across this site and have read a lot of interesting conspiracies. I though that something that happened to me in the 80s might be worth mentioning.
My grandad (who had lived in Florida for 20 years at the time) knew a scientist at NASA and when he asked the question "are there any such thing as UFOs?" he got quite an interesting reply. I cant quote it directly as it was a long time ago that I was told, but this is generally how it went: "No, there is no such thing as Unidentified Flying Objects, but i stress the word 'Unidentified'."

Anyone else had a conversation with any people like this and asked the same question?

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Of course there is as such thing as UFO's. If you see an object in the sky and you don't know what it is(can't identify it) then its a UFO. High ranks at NASA may identify them, but to average joes they are UFO's.


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I have never met a NASA employee , but if you want to look further in to sightings and knowledge
of UFOs by astronauts and others involved in space
exploration here's a few names you might want to
look into ; Maurice chatlain, Scott Carpenter, Buzz Aldrin, Frank Borman,Ed White, ,James McDivvit , ,J.A.Walker ,Donald Stanton and major GordonCooper.
There are others but i would start with them .


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18 Oct 2012 15:27:37
Anyone heard or have information on various underground research facilities throughout the world who have created a virus that can literally turn humans into zombies? Some say that the 'miami zombie' was infected with it.

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To much time spent watching resident evil me thinks ;D

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Zombie and infected are two different things..


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18 Oct 2012 09:11:44
ed, whats your thoughts on the mars rover?
apparently the pictures taken from it have been changed so that mars looks like it has red skies and red dust everywhere..
in one one of the pics taken by the mars rover it does look like they have changed it, the american flag isn't red white and blue.. {Ed001's Note - those pictures were very weak, being nice. Where are the pics to show what the shadow normally looks like? Only to suggest it was different from normal but then not show normal, doesn't make any sense. To be honest I have no idea, I don't see any reason for them not to really send an unmanned craft out there. I mean they can easily cover up details they don't want to share, so it is hardly an issue.}

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I wasn't using that as proof ed because i don't know what to believe with it all.. i was just showing you the pictures of mars with a blue sky. {Ed001's Note - ah got you, sorry I got distracted with the site and answered what was on there more than your question sorry. The question I would ask is how many amateur astronomers track these missions? Only it must be visible if they are looking in the right area, the exhaust would be visible and they are not going a huge distance, in astronomical terms. So why does no one other than NASA ever have any kind of footage? I am not an astronomer myself, so it may be just too small an object to track, though modern telescopes have the power to do so. I just wondered if anyone knows? I would like a bit more knowledge before coming to any conclusions myself, as it would certainly be possible for them to fake it all. No way of proving that really, so I was wondering if there is any evidence to back up them actually going?}

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17 Oct 2012 21:50:40
Eds who funded/built CERN? Do you think in the future these people will be the first to leave our planet when the tech becomes available?

{Ed033's Note - The people who are now part of the European Union fund/funded the project although they didn't agree to fund it like all other European Union projects.

William Henry said on a radio show that a reporter (or someone) was speaking to one of the top scientists at CERN and the CERN scientist said that they were working on teleportation. So possibly the CERN scientists could at some point in the future leave planet Earth.

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CERN is the traditional name given to the European Organisation for Nuclear Research. It is not funded by individual people (although I am sure they accept donations) but by 20 member states. It was originally 12 and was ratified in 1954, but has expanded through most of Europe. It primarily deals with particle physics and nuclear reactions. I'm sure they would love to be able to work on transportation but the science is nowhere near that stage - even the theoretical proposition of transportation is debatable. If you are interested in CERN, I recommend the website as there is actually a lot of information on there.


{Ed033's Note - The above is like saying Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK. These 20 member states, where do they get the money from to fund CERN? Answer, from the people, so we fund CERN. Secondly, it's obvious that CERN say one thing to the public but are doing all sorts of experiments there, just like NASA say to the public, that they just go up into space and do a few simple experiments when in fact they take part in military agendas

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Obviously CERN carry out experiments at their facilities, its a goddam research facility - but where is the evidence that says that its against the public interest or of things like transportation as was mentioned?
The research at CERN is very public at the moment, especially with things like the Hadron Collider starting to provide useful results. Look on their website, they provide a very thorough description of what they do. Look up articles of their research. You can even have a tour of their facilities.

I stated 20 member states, which yes tax us to pay for things, as you stated people who funded EU as if meaning individuals, but in instances such as this that's better that it being in the hands of private companies. It being public money, all research is widely available

Nice jibe about Lee Harvey Oswald, but unless you believe Oliver Stone, there isn't much debate over who shot JFK. Unless you are able to provide factual information to the contrary, I dont see why I should believe otherwise.

Graeme {Ed001's Note - are you serious? There isn't much debate over who shot JFK? Funny man.}

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