Conspiracy Talk Archive October 18 2013


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18 Oct 2013 19:45:32
{Ed033's Note - Royal Raymond Rife's beam technology being used today

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There's a shocker cures not making mainstream news, yes we know the reasons why, no doubt the elite bloodlines are getting this or similar treatment judging by the age they live to.

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{Ed033's Note - How close to reality is the new film, Elysium?

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It looks a interesting movie edd, I will try and get a free stream to watch it tonight.

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18 Oct 2013 12:27:01
I was watching gi Joe retaliation yesterday, the super weapon the bad guys have, I was wondering how feasible that is. They basically have a load of satellites and they drop a tungsten rod from space which is supposed to go 8 times faster than a bullet, massive blast wave on impact and no fallout or radiation. So is that feasible? Would that be some of the black tech secret space program stuff that their likely to have? I know its a bad film but all tech in films is based on reality.

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