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18 Sep 2011 15:01:50
check this link out , has all the cards from the illuminati card game which was made in 1990

Ghandi Floss

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18 Sep 2011 08:10:58
To DON'T BUY THE SUN spot-on post regarding ussr and china and
i agree Ernesto Lynch was shining example to all of us, a bit like Jesus
but real . I was originally going to respond to a post were you jumped
on a 911 piece of mine ,glad i didn't as it seems you're not as arrogant
as first appeared. I appreciate that with some conspiracy theories people
lose sight of the real problem (capitalism) but its a double-edged sword
e.g. some 20-something never read or watched anything other than the
Sun and BBC see's loose change or zeitgeist and atleast becomes a bit
more cautious of mass-media and is as likely to come across Zinn and
Chomsky as Alex Jones or David Icke.
N need to stop posting mate these exchanges of info and views can only be a good thing.
p.s never have or will buy the Sun

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I don't want DBTS to stop posting either, I just don't want to be told I'm an idiot for flirting with the idea of conspiracy theories. At the end of the day, Capitalism is the source of so many worldy issues, what conspiracy theories ask is the TRUE reason why it exists.

I think some people knew this, but idealism gets you nowhere in this life and that is why some people try and see ways of making change within a system that they know they will never truly be able to transform. I like to hear about these people, about the Marxes, the Guevarras, and to be given the food for thought.

What I dislike is for someone to come along and tell me outright I'm a child or wrong for trying to see things from a different perspective to theirs.


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I just didn't like the hero worship of Che Guervara, the man was a murderer pure and simple. Communism is just as bad as Fascism, both still lead to a mass grave.

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And capitalism doesn't?

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Well no not really.

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So nobody has died chasing the almighty dollar?

Drugs that are unsafe are still being sold by the truckload each day and capitalism is safe?

Yeah about as safe as playing with a shark in swimming pool, capitalism is rotting to the core and we are witnessing its demise, wake bleeding up for gods sake!

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18 Sep 2011 07:32:11
Has anyone ever seen a picture of the phil schneider alien called valiant Thor.

Kee {Ed033's Note - Here is an alleged picture of Valiant Thor - }

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There's a band called Valiant Thor :-)

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