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18 Sep 2012 14:14:44
seen a program on national geographic about how the earth population has doubled nearly every 40 years and by 2050 there will be nearly 10 billion (i think) and basically in 100 years the strain of feeding everyone would be to much,water would be more expensive than oil, maybe another reason why these underground bunkers are being built all over the world,the elite will be tucked up safety while the rest of us are killing each other to survive.

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Dont trust a channel that has such programmes on it such as "Doomsday preppers"


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Hey matt its not the channel trying to scare people into believing what could happen i actually believe it has some valid points,unless they release the free power that we all know exists, then we will keep building more using more fuel, we have no natural enemies apart from ourselves and mother nature, everyone assumes that 2012 could be a comet/solar flare/super volcano when it could be a fuel or satellite crisis, a book i read said if either fuel or satellite stoped for three days there would be unrest on every major city after seven days there would be deaths,you only have to think back a few months ago when the government mentioned there MIGHT be short of petrol for a few days,everyone panicked and bought petrol which lead to that poor woman dying,we do every xmas with shopping ,ffs every shop closes for xmas day but everyone buys and buys because it wont be open that particular day ,so god help us if something really does happen.
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - it is a load of rubbish franky, they are just trying to scare people to get them to give up more freedoms. There is, nor will there ever be, a shortage of energy. Basic physics, energy does not disappear or get used up, it merely changes form. We have multiple ways to harness it, we choose not to because we would rather be led like sheep by the powers that be. We allow them to panic us into thinking oil is running out, so we pay more, even though we can grow the damn stuff. Channels like Nat Geo are amongst the worst mouthpieces for this total and utter lie.}

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Sorry guys i am not basing my opinion on a tv program and not basing it on fuel,so what you are saying the human race can keep multiplying and everything will be just fine?sorry i dont see it.
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - no, but the human race won't keep multiplying, just like any other species, excess will not survive long.}

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Excess will not survive long? you mean the poorest humans will starve or die of illness?
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - that is correct, though not necessarily the poorest only, they are pushing the majority of us down to that level.}

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If people keep multiplying theyll just keep multiplying live stock and so on..........

i should know i live in wales, were the sheep out number the humans 10 to 1 pal. {Ed001's Note - it is actually about 3.4 sheep per person.}

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Also heard that even though certain scientists say that the polar ice is not getting bigger in size by width but its increasing in height so its not really declining?
just another goverment ploy to keep us under control and in a panic state {Ed001's Note - there is also evidence that it is receding on one side but increasing on the other. Though we will never know for sure, because they will just hide everything that doesn't suit the version they want us to believe in.}

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The polar caps situation its due to a minimal destabilization of the magnetic field its a natural occurrence, plus the fact that there are much bigger activity in the North to help the melting.
Governments can and do hide a lot from us but there are people out there that manage to bring out the truth, just need to be on the lookout for them

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The argument that if humans multiply then we just multiply livestock makes no sense ,we would need bigger areas to house more livestock , more motorways are being built to accommodate more cars taking up more countryside,it wont affect me in my lifetime but i can imagine my great grandchildren in say 60 years being a total nightmare.

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Food isn't isn't as much as an issue as you may first think depending on how "open minded" you are. If people could break free of their manufactured diet habits its a real fact that the earths population could survive very heartily off insects and theres more than enough to go around for everyone. Would require a scale of changes i believe we're hardly likely to see on a global scale, although their popularity is definately on the increase regardless.


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18 Sep 2012 11:08:11
I applogise for this slightly cynical post but you never know but Anybody think the photographs of Kate have actually been allowed to run? It could serve to tighten privacy for the royals (I'm not anti-royal by the way).
Or alternatively could the odd magazine editor or photographer be found with a suicide note next to them fairly soon?


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Agreed, i reckon if they wanted it hushed it would be, end of. call me cynical but if its allowed to run (as it has) there will be some consequence following, usually a change to rights and laws. but like you say, if dead bodies appear you can assume it got through the web ;)

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Ive been trying to find her boobs everywhere and I still cant, and Ive got the pictures in front of me........


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Her boobs have been on the net for at least a year

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Can any1 put a link up or give inforamtion on where we can find such pictures

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It's too late to find them now, they've all been taken off probably.

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