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19 Apr 2013 21:04:31
this boston bombing stinks to high heaven, is it not terrorism policy to claim for any acts of terrorism?fox reported they were looking for a black man with a foreign accent about 12 hours after the bombing now its two non black guys, everyone of his family have claimed its not in their nature to do anything like this and there father has said its a setup, no doubt the cia and fbi have had tabs on these guys since they have moved here and since they are from Chechnya it makes sense to them to pin it on them, I might be wrong but I always thought Chechnya's beef was with russia?

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The police had the older Boston bomber on his belly and under control. Where did it all go wrong from that point on. Why did he get shot? Does anyone know.


Sorry to go on but who was the guy the police had nakerd in the back of the police car. It's all crazy.


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Watching cnn and the police chief telling the public not to approach the suspect "he is a very dangerous man" this kid is going to get smoked no doubt.

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They have him cornered with a supposedly device, its not going to end pretty.

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I'm amazed they captured him. Ryan.

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He is apprehended, now the media have admitted Chechnya have no problem the usa but he and his brother must have found jhad lol let's say for arguments sake the media experts are right and they had found jhad these brothers would have made themselves martyrs and gone up with the bombs, it was reported by people who knew both the brothers they partied, hardly jhad radicals, I will state now it was not them, it does not add up the cia have always known the brothers since they made them american citizens so like the movie we were talking about the unthinkable they have had a list of suspects and these two fitted the bill, now this is kid is going to say anything now.

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The younger rat was captured alive. Cowering in a boat, the rest of his life is going to be a living hell. Of course the family will claim a 'set-up' its there nature to do so, pictures, CCTV footage, eye witnesses all of this and yet people still can't accept the truth. True Chechnya's beef is usually with russia, but radicalised Muslims beefs with everyone other than radicalised Muslims.


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GBI wake up man what about all the Navy Seals around the finish line with strange bags & detonator looking devices in there hands not much mentioned about them is there? Yes there's pictures of the suspects but none of them with the bag that was supposedly the bomb? Then there was the Holdall blown to bits that held the bomb we saw on the news there's no pictures of them holding anything like that only small backpacks and now it's a different kind of bag all together that held the bombs. Either way it was a false flag or they knew about it "everyone keep calm it's just a drill" yep that worked better than evacuating the area KNOWONE NEEDED TO DIE that day.

Rise & Shine

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Out of interest gbi do you think anything is a conspiracy?

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Lol oh yes the navy seals, the blend is so well don't they?!? I mean if I wanted to blend into the crowd I'd wear the punisher hat and dress like a navy seal. What about infowars persistence that the family guy video wasn't edited? Do they not lie? Alex Jones is out to get the doller off the masses that beleive in his rants. If you look hard enough u will believe anything. If it was the work of a secret undercover dark group then why blame two young boys from Chechnya? wouldn't be in there intrest to blame 2 young boys from north korea? 2 young boys from iran? If the 2nd boy was innocent surey he would have updated 1 of his several social media sights, maybe he would have called his friends and pleaded his innocence? His head was turned by the older rat, once the older one was done with he didn't have a clue what to do next, thankfully he was caught alive. It's a shame they took the life of a 26 year old police officer along with the 3 who have died so far and the countless amputees that will have there life changed forever. An example has to be made of this guy and await with great pleasure to see his punishment.


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Rise and shine.

What exactly is a detonator looking device? Pretty sure anything can look like a detonator, especially if u want it to.


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Frankyscouser I do actually, and ever since hillsborough I have been intrigued by what else they can hide from us. But to start a conspiracy when an attack is still happening is a tad extreme for me. As I said b4 the 2nd bomb hadn't even exploded and the net was awash with theories about who done it and why. 2 young boys warped by radicals bombing a marathon is a lot more sensible than a team of navy seals running around with 'detonators' in plain sight.


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Mate I don't know what happened the lads probably did do it and you could be right that it was just the older one leading the younger the heightened security, sniffer dogs, Bomb Drills & Tannoy announcements all says to me that fatalities & mass amputees could've been avoided because they knew something i'm not going to say anymore because I don't want to be disrespectful to the injured people & the 5 families who have lost someone in this sorry estate of affairs.

Rise & Shine

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Is gbi a pseudo name for nick pope?

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Gbi fair enough you don't agree but I need a bit more proof than there muslim and they had backpacks, the usa today reminds me of books I have read about the usa in the 50s were mccarthyism were obsessed with anyone .

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19 Apr 2013 19:01:20
I was speaking to some one today and he asked me what I thought of the Waco fertiliser plant explosion
He then asked if I found anything strange about the date

It and the Waco shootings and the Oklahoma bombing and a few more all happened around the same week in respective years

Found this v strange

Hong Kong phuey

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Enter the new 4 letter word. lockdown. turning point?

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19 Apr 2013 17:11:01
Strange the way the Boston Police changed the name of the suspect from Sunil Tripathi to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Ryan.

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19 Apr 2013 14:47:36
Just seen interview on sky about the. Boston bombers and he said nice guy haven't seen him a year, I thought they said they have only been in America for 1 year, also check out the guy who steps in to the camera to hear what's being said looks fishy to me

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I’m also trying to get my head around why an intelligent 19 year old with a promising future in medicine decided to do this.

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Garbo, simple answer- religion.


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I see very little chance of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev being captured and put on trial.

What do you think?


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The two suspects in the Boston bombings are believed to be from the Russian region near Chechnya and came to the states one year ago.
Kev Darko

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Father of the two men that are being blamed for the boston bombings says he reckons his sons have been framed because they are muslim. jdog

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19 Apr 2013 14:06:52
So they are just going to kill them, no trial or anything.

something smells off about this to me.

It's basically pick some random guys, say they did it, kill them and sweep it all under the carpet and move on.

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Tell that to the family of the police officer who has already been shot dead Persuing these people.


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GBI, how do you know that's the truth?
. because it's on the news huh.

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19 Apr 2013 11:13:25
This morning (around 8am) is was watching the breaking news about one of the suspects being arrested (naked) in regards to the Boston Bombings. They said the other suspect was still on the run.

Now the news are saying the suspect was killed in a shoot out and the other one is still at large.

So what was I watching this morning and how stupid do they think we really are?

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19 Apr 2013 00:16:19
What do folk think of the proposed American CISPA act?

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It's been a while since Whoopi Goldberg has been in front of the cameras. Really looking forward to it!


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