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19 Aug 2012 20:27:14
hey fellas. just watched the Blair Witch Project, now i know it's not real with all this based on a true story rubbish but those anyone know if there is any element of truth in it ?

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The closest thing to it was a post i wrote a few months ago,type dyatlov-pass in youtube or google it.
in 1959 ten normal, healthy cross-country skiers set off on a camping trip in Russia's Ural Mountains. Nine never returned. When their bodies were finally found, many elements of eerie mystery hung heavily in the air. Three of the individuals had fallen victim to inexplicable crushing injuries. The tongue of one of the others was missing.

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Thats a sinister story that one. what u think frankie?

{Ed033's Note - Watching only this part of the documentary, I would come to the conclusion that it was non-terrestrial energy beams that killed these 9 people

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A few more things about the incident edd, a local village could see strange lights around the pass about the same time ,one of the victims scaled a tree,flesh and blood was found on the tree,hes body was moved from the tree they only realized he climbed a tree was the found bark in hes nails,something deffo scared the pants off them,i think it was non human contact that killed them.

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What happened to the other one? you said 9 died.....

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One of the party was ill and could not stay,he /she left before the incident happened.

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Not the answer i was hoping for but thanks franky

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19 Aug 2012 11:03:38
Ok Ill lighten the mood a bit, who thinks Justin Beiber's an alien ?


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A very rich alien.

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That little guy really annoys me, his music is piss poor and so is his attitude, but hey what other 'stars' have decent attitudes anyway.

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When my son grows up he is forbidden to speak of or listen to this propaganda machine what a talentless zombie who's got a shotgun?


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Not an alien but the horrible cloning of a bland music industry. blue al

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