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19 Aug 2013 17:22:30
Hi everyone, I love a conspiracy as much as everyone but what is it lately about people being doom & gloom merchants?, I'm wondering if were all under some sort of depressing spell or we've had our water spiked. When I first got into this sorted of thing many years ago as a teenager it was all about interesting stuff like UFO's, advanced technology, underground governments, afterlife & things like that these days all I seem to hear is "End of the world" scenario's. We was all suppose to die before last Christmas when the Mayan calendar ran out, years before it was Notradamus, Millennium, something else before that too. The latest was we was suppose to be rammed into this week by another planet, which by the way I'm sure we'd of see many years ago.

I think sometime later in the year we will be getting hit by a huge asteroid again for around the 4th or 5th time in my lifetime, I mean no wonder Bruce Willis hasn't made any decent films in a while he's been out saving us from all these asteroids heading our way. Seriously though does anyone else think there is something weird going on with everyone getting themselves worked into a frenzy? I must admit I believe we have the technology to cope with most if not all Earth threatening disasters, its just not public knowledge, I think as a race we are far more technically advanced then we could even imagine so I do take all these "End is Nigh" stories with a pinch of salt.

I truly believe if a big space rock was heading our way we have the technology to destroy it without us normal folk even noticing. I think if there was an outbreak of a plague then the powers that be have put it out there on purpose & already have the cures, same with all the wars & nuclear weapons too, all man made & will not end mankind but maybe alter when the powers that be want it altered. I think these big Natural disasters are due to testing of weather technology/weaponry & nothing to do with the worlds end, its all just about control.

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The doom and gloom posts (not so much about the end of the world)for me is about awakening up, for example the egypt riots/protests ten years ago I would have barely took any notice now I can see the propaganda machine playing out and to me it is escalating on all fronts from military wars to what we are doing to mother nature I generally fear for people around the world in fifty years time unless we all wake up.

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I think 50yrs is being a bit optimistic, Franky :- (


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Same here, Franky. Since I woke up and realised what's actually happening, I can't look at world events in the same way!

What upsets me the most is the economy and how we as a society are more than happy to grind day in day out with not much in return.

When you step back and look from a more distant perspective, where is the joy in life working every hour god sends just to pay taxes and bills.

I feel like our lives should be so much more than that.

I'm quite lucky in that I've got a decent job that pays well and as a result I can go on holidays etc. If I didn't have this, I genuinely don't see the point in life. (I'm not suicidal, I promise!)

When I look at how the rich live, I wonder why everyone can't have the chance to live like that.

To quote a recent Avicci/ Nicky Romero song, "I feel like I'm living in someone else's masterplan".

Anyway rant over. Have a great week guys! :D


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Well just to cheer you up I think you should read this. millions to die in September.


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Even thou I love what the internet brings if all technology was brought down by these solar flares it could be a good thing in a strange kind after of way, no tracking, no computer systems no speed cameras, no high tech medicines/food to poison us, don't get me wrong it will chaos for the first few years but in the long run it could make us stronger.

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Im flying back from Majorca in Sept- could be an interesting flight!

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When we first begin to learn about all the strange and wonderful things most people choose not to dwell on, we are filled with excitement as our horizons broaden.
Once we venture past the first impressions and begin to understand a bit more about the artificial gears and cogs that make our world into what it is, we feel betrayed and lost. In turn we express that as anger and frustration or "doom and gloom" if you like.
If we choose to keep moving forward, our analytical abilities become more and more refined and we begin to recognize patterns and sooner or later we realize that this is just a ride. We become more creative, relaxed, we can laugh again observing this great circus.
Everything flows.

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19 Aug 2013 05:40:15
Ed can I ask why my posts aren't being posted? There's nothing offensive about them and even posted you tube links.
Thanks in advance.


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No worries ed! Send most my posts of my iPad so maybe something to do with that! Thanks for the reply ed greatly appreciated!


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