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19 Dec 2011 20:34:15
For those who feel humans have ever co-existed with Dinosaurs take a look at this excellent doc from the BBC: sorry not sure of a location for it outside of BBC iPlayer.

I'm sure many of you will still not believe what they say (far too close minded!) but maybe, just maybe you will change your views.

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Noone knows what went on millions of years ago mate, i wouldnt form any opinion on what the bbc says, dont they still have a massive emphasis on 'global warming'


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To the original poster. It is genetically proven that the entire human race came from Africa. Every human being on the planet contains at least one genetic thread traceable back to them but they only contain their genetic material. How they dispersed is quite simple. The world is not as big as you think it is even if you are on foot - especially if you are hunter-gatherer nomads continually moving. Up Africa into the middle east. West into Europe, East in to Asia. Across the Bering Straits on foot during the winter and into America. Another line through China and then island hopping throughout the South Pacific and Australia. The hardest part to colonise is the South Pacific but rarely can you get anywhere in the South Pacific where you can't see at least one other island on the horizon and Man has been building canoes since before the stoneage.

{Ed033's Note - It appears probable that at least some of our genes came from elsewhere i.e. not from planet Earth. Even Zulu Sanusi Elder, Credo Mutwa has said that Zulu means, People of the Stars (roughly translated into English).

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Liam, no of course no-one knows for usre, but it is about using evidence to base your assumptions, not fantasy!

Not sure what you are trying to say poster 2?

Ed, so what if Zulu means star people, what does that prove? where is your EVIDENCE that at least some of our genes come from Elsewhere? It is very easy to say these things but please show any scientific evidence.

{Ed033's Note - The whole point is that the truth is being hidden from us and in its place, we are being given B.S especially from mainstream science. We have to piece things together from various different information to come to the conclusion that it is probable that at least some of our DNA is from elsewhere.}

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If that is the case show me the evidence. You have come to this conclusion, tell me how? what papers by scientists have you read that show this or allude to this? What peer journals has this work been published in, so that people can look at the real details and offer other proposals/conclusions/theories?

Most of the information I have read/watched etc on conspiracies is one person saying it is obvious, yet providing no information or evidence of their findings.

There are cases were what is said is true and provable, such as the monetary systems being corrupt, currency being costly etc. but the real evidence to lead to those conculsions is offered. When it comes to things like no moon landings or aliens provide black technology, there is never one bit of evidence apart from this person says that it happens. This is NOT evidence it is hearsay. Often when evidence is submitted it is proven to be false or faked (the odd stones in S.America alledgedly showing dinosaurs with people, or that dodgey film where the chap "colourizes" moon images and claims they show buildings, both of which have been disproven by a multitude of people) Not that people believe the debunkers, they obviously have an agenda!

All I ask is that if someone claims a conspiracy they show evidence to support their theory rather than just stating it as fact. Doing so makes the theory no more real than having a religious beliefe system. Unfortunately this is why real situations like the 911 controversy is not taken seriously and looked into by the powers that be, they are associated with unsupported conspiracy theories.

{Ed033's Note - What I think you have posted above is that you are actually describing how human beings tend to think. Some things they believe in more easily than other things. Some things take an awful lot of info to believe in and other things it doesn't take much to believe in There is probably more info about the moon controversy than the 9/11 controversy and yet you appear to believe in the 9/11 controversy but not the moon controversy. The monetary system is corrupt but so is NASA and I think the evidence is out there. }

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Agree with the ed mate, If the Government/NASA/anybody really, are willing to regulary lie about MASSIVE life changing subjects, then surely everything they say should be questioned. Who blindly believes proven liars?, I could get the proven by science bit, but they know nothing, along with historians. Werent the Egyptian pyramids meant to be the oldest and biggest, were you not told that in school. What about the recently discoverd Bosnian pyramids or Garut Pyramid? These people are the ones claiming fact, until they discover something else, then that becomes fact, I reckon we're on the brink of another 'so the earth isnt flat then', situation where literally everything we think we know about everything will come into question, and i personally cant wait


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I thought south america was "colonised" first then north america? conventional theory is bering staits first, but at the time said most of north america was under ice.

{Ed033's Note - The indians in american have been telling us for years that people have been in America for much longer than the "scientific bering straits theory" says and when they actually do the genetic marker tests, they actually find genes such as australian aboriginal genes that shouldn't be there according to the "scientific bering straits theory" and other "scientific theories" about how the Americas were populated by people.}

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Thaks Ed, not sure why that came up twice, knew i'd heard it somewhere.

Also its a bit funny yto me how the more technological advanced indians were in the south and centre but in the north were the less technical.

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19 Dec 2011 18:23:30
what do we make of kim jong-il death then

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Well one less loon in the world. Maybe now the north koreans have a chance.

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An old man from a stressful job (even if he was mad) had a heart attack. No conspiracy.

Doubt it will change much in N.Korea.

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It will change nothing in North Korea. NK is ruled by their military, Kim was just a front man for the people to focus on and his lad will be nothing more. It is a military doictatorship firmly under vcontrol of the Generals.

{Ed033's Note - China allegedly has influence over North Korea as well.}

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Could his son break the mould and improve the lives of millions of north Koreans and become a true great rather than another despot dictator.only time will tell

{Ed033's Note - People thought Obama was going to break the mold of bad presidents since JFK and become a true great and improve the lives of millions Americans but that didn't happen.}

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I actually think Obama tried to break the mould, a bit at least, with reforms to social care in America and controls of banks/media but he was faought all the way by a corupt press and even more corupt senate. Look at the way decent medical care for everyone has been vilified as an appalling thought!

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