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19 Dec 2012 23:42:14
right this is a question to anyone who knows,is it normal for Wikipedia to not know a actor who has been in the news?

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Doesnt sound this just a random 'celebrity' that has fabricated from nowhere (like most of them...Jessy J being my most disliked). Who is the person in question?

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Which actor is this? Maybe it hasn't been updated?...


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I have tried to look for Ben fellows former eastenders actor,i do not want to jump the gun and call it a conspiracy as fellows has claimed that he got touched by a top tory mp
ken Clark,i could be doing it wrong but nothing at all is coming up.

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{Ed033's Note - I don't know but in the below video Ben Fellows (says he was a child actor) talks about child abuse in the BBC/media in an interview with UK Column Live (Ben Fellows starts at the 42 minute mark)

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I find it strange he is not on wiki either for being a child actor or the powerful trying to sweep it under the carpet?

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Try looking under his real name Jonathan Pitt. I read up on this a while back but I got sidetracked.


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Have a watch at this franky, it might be help you out a bit....

Ben Fellows video - Adoption Story - I WAS JONATHAN PITT - part 1


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Cheers padwan will do.

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Touching link padwan,it does not answer my question why there is no Wikipedia record of Ben fallows,still none the wiser .

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23 Dec 2012 03:57:54
How long was he actually in care before adoption....

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19 Dec 2012 22:15:32
i find piers patronizing Morgan a total bell-end he is on CNN (i think it was)supposedly having a debate with pro gun supporter Larry Pratt and hes smug insulting butter wouldn't melt in hes mouth approach in the interview coming from the man who was a major player in the phone hacking scandal and dodged a bullet,no wonder this pathetic excuse of a man flew off to the states.
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - I detest Piers 'Slime' Morgan.}

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Saw the same interview, he was overly self righteous, agree he is a snake of the highest order.


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If only Jeremy clarkson had punched him a bit harder
LP {Ed001's Note - I can't stand him either, couldn't the pair of them duel in some sort of gladiatorial combat to the death, preferably of both of them?}

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We are happy barstools arnt we lol?
ok got to get it out my system, my top ten hated people from the uk are.
1 thatcher
2 Blair
3 royalty
4 saville/pedos
5 piers Morgan
6 Jeremy Kyle (not just because of the show,because my daughter served him in the echo arena for jamie carra testimonial party,hes a bellend)
7 paxman
8 paddy barcley
9 jon gaunt
10 tyson fury

from the top of my head,if the world does not end tommorrow i will give u my fave top 10.

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Right world looks good for today,my favtop 10 britsh.

1 sorry got to be king kenny
2 the beatles
3 billy connelly
4 paul weller
5 parkinson
6 george galloway
7 billy bragg
8 jimmy mcgovern
9 brian reade
10 pete postlewaite

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19 Dec 2012 14:52:07
ed, do you think NASA are looking for habitable planets so in the future (100years+) they can move to that planet when earth gets out of hand and becomes over populated (or something else)

{Ed033's Note - I don't know about NASA but I think some organisation is looking for habitable planets outside our solar system. I think they've already found another habitable planet inside the solar system which is planet Mars. The secret space program is allegedly already going to Mars

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Do you see them trying to "Terra form" it, is it even possible?

{Ed033's Note - The secret space program uses black technology but we don't know exactly what black technology they have. If they have the technology to terraform then you would expect them to be doing it. We already know that Mars has a blue sky but NASA all along has been messing with the colours to make Mars appear to be more red than it really is.

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Hawkins has stated that there are only two planets in our solar system that are in the( golden belt) ie can sustain life. earth and mars. dont worry the rothchilds will have a bank open there before we send people {Ed001's Note - since we have recently found a whole ecosystem of microbes living in the clouds, reproducing etc in a place we previously thought unable to sustain life, I would have to question the truth of Hawkins' statement.}

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Yes ed but are not the clouds in the golden belt {Ed001's Note - my point is that we also thought life was impossible there until recently. We have no idea what life actually needs, as has been proven multiple times. The sea life around volcanic cracks was thought impossible until it was discovered. It is time people like Hawkins stopped talking about what is and what isn't possible, as we just have no idea.}

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Hold Hawkins or Hawking? Bit confused.

As for the clouds, if there on Earth then there in the "Golden zone" surely then? {Ed001's Note - what has that got to do with anything? You are missing the point completely.}

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I have to agree with the ed a 100% here. We have adapted to live on this planet doesn't mean to say that there are no other ways to live. There are loads of ways to mathematically get to 100 whose to say that our way isn't just one approach.

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19 Dec 2012 14:35:22
ed, i read that if there was a polar shift then a place in the Colorado mountains would be protected (can't remember why) but is that why they have built an underground base in Denver Colorado?

{Ed033's Note - One of the reasons why they built a government underground base in Denver Colorado is because it is much safer than on the coast. Washington D.C. may not survive a tsunami.

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Is that the huge underground of Denver airport you're talking about?

{Ed033's Note - Yes, that's part of it. It's probably a larger complex than we think

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19 Dec 2012 10:04:11
The queen gave Martin McGuinness a freemasonic handshake back in June, this week she gives Cameron a freemasonic handshake as he bows his head..... They're all in this together...


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And Mohammed Al Fayed.. to sacrifice a son is a great pledge of servitude.. the pea

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