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19 Feb 2012 18:21:06
Can anyone explain whats really going on in syria? Why is it happening? Who are the good guys? Cheers guys


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Syria is Russia influenced and the Russians don't want any western influence as the Syrian leader has close relations with Russia,to answer you question there are no good guys because i think it is false flag and the innocent people getting killed are just caught in the middle.

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ISREAL, USA (Loyal), GB (Poodle like), FRANCE (does what its told as it knows no one takes it seriousley), Haliburton (Makes millions for Mr Dick Cheyney from all oil related conflicts) are the bad guys. And at the top of this pyramid is a group of families who have been pulling the strings for years. We are lead to believe that Mugabe has been killing and raping his own people for generations, but he aint sat on a load of oil so they let him get on with it. Rememer the muhajadeen ? Its not even a secret that the UN funded that lot. They like to do this, usually followed 10 - 15 years later by craping on the very uprising that they fund in the first place.


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Such is the way of the world, its gone on since Rome.

Not saying its good or i agree with it, but first step is recognising the monster for what it is.

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19 Feb 2012 16:50:58
So Lord Lucan was smuggled out to Africa, always thought he was alive for all those years, with his friends in high places a total conspiracy.

Red Daz.

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Where has this come from? Actual proof?

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Been reported everywhere last few days.
Interview with person who worked for his best friend.

Red Daz

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Ok cheers Daz, don't buy the papers and the news seems to have skipped past it, thanks.

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19 Feb 2012 14:26:39
What do you all think on the subject of the existence of alien you believe the government has cover it all up or do they not exist?

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More likely the govt is aliens, have you looked at any of them?

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