Conspiracy Talk Archive January 19 2013


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19 Jan 2013 23:42:59
I have come across this guys and I find it a little disturbing, I posted the other week about a theory I had concerning who runs the world and who could hold the rights to world resources, this concerns everyone and I mean everyone, you know how things are going pear shaped, well it turns out that what I said earlier could be true, I will supply you with a link so you can see and make your own mind up.

Like most organisations like the freemasons the higher up you get the more corrupt, ground root levels like normal mps and freemasons do a good job .


Just followed the link - it makes interesting reading but who says it is the truth?

Sorry did not give you the site address just the page address, lots more interesting topics, click the blue links on the left hand side, the Queen is a good place to start