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19 Jun 2012 13:53:19
ed's what do you know about this theory that our solar system is a binary star system. With the companion star being outside the current bounds of the system. I thought current thinking was that companion stars had to be in a certain proximity, not millions of miles away in an orbit beyond the planetary orbits. Obviously current theories can be wrong and get updated all the time as new data is found. But really could that work, a secondary star and its gravitational pull would have some implications. So any ideas?

{Ed033's Note - The scientific theory is that the precession of the equinoxes was stable at around 25,900 years. However now it appears that that scientific theory was wrong because the precession appears to be speeding up. This has confused the scientific community who don't appear to have an answer so a theory being put forward which would explain this and the fact that cultures were more advanced in the past than the current scientific community leads us to believe is this:

As most solar systems are binary solar systems with 2 suns, statistically, this solar system is more likely to be binary than not. So if there is a 2nd sun that is part of this solar system, then when this second sun is approaching this solar system, the precession of the equinoxes speeds up because of a greater "force" on this solar system and when moving away, the the precession of the equinoxes slows down due to the "force" weakening.

The theory being put forward also suggests that the closer this second sun is to this solar system, the more advanced the cultures we have on planet Earth and the further away, the cultures become less advanced.

Possibly the main guy researching this, is Walter Cruttenden, who has appeared on tv and radio shows and produced a dvd and book on this subject. There are a number of radio interviews with him on youtube (coast to coast am / red ice radio).
Below is a video interview with Walter Cruttenden but you will probably want to skip the first 10 minutes.

Bridging Heaven & Earth Show # 215 with Walter Cruttenden and The Great Year Videos

Ok thanks ed

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