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19 Jun 2013 14:04:40
When I turned the T.V on yesterday I caught the end of an interview on tv news, talking to some posh fella (i didn't catch the liars name) about how the family's of all the soldiers lost in Afghanistan should feel, his answer did make me chuckle, according to him as there has not been in incident similar to 9/11 since the forces have moved into the region the service men and women did not die in vain. Now don't get me wrong he does have a point the Taliban haven't been blamed for anymore attacks but if anyone seriously believes that's because the terrorist master minds have been defeated you need help. For thousands of years soldiers have been paying with their lives for 'causes' made up so the people with money can simply make more money, right back the crusades i'm sure religion wasn't the only motive for mass murder.
It did get me thinking though why is there always going to be a conflict weather it be in the middle east or closer to home, now what if they decided to bring all the troops home, a country where unemployment is rife what would happen if the schemers in no. 10 said, "right lads job done, time to come home". Unemployment would double, this ridiculous racist agenda would intensive and they'd be more riots, now these things might well happen regardless but i'm pretty confident there will be another country in the middle east that needs 'liberating' before there's any ceasefire.

always a red

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It makes you think what all this peace talks with the Taliban is all about, call me suspicious but is this anything to do with Syria and giving the Taliban help like in the 90s? was it the west saying "we do not negotiate with terrorists"? next they will be calling them freedom fighters.

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They are pulling out because the poppy crops future is secure. Output more than doubled - job done!


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19 Jun 2013 09:58:23
Can anyone shed some light on Timothy mcveigh for me? If he was a patsy and was hypnotised etc what was the reason for whoever behind it to blow up that building up?


{Ed033's Note - The reason to blow up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building was the same reason the Nazis destroyed the Reichstag building, why government agencies carried out 7/7 and 9/11, to instill fear into the people that there are terrorists out there so you must give up any liberties you have so the government can attempt to keep you safe with controlling legislation that the people will accept. The elite who own the governments then have permission off the people to totally control them because total control of the people is the agenda of the elitists (or whatever word you want to call them, NWO, illuminati etc.)

It appears that Timothy McVeigh (possibly ex-army) was 1 of the agents that were assigned to place a small amount of explosives in the back of the truck (just enough to blow the truck up) and park the truck outside the Fed building.

The problem was, was the registration plate on the back of the truck was hanging down and McVeigh was stopped by a regular policeman and was later tested for substances on his hands. Traces of explosives were found so after the building blew up (because of placed military grade explosives in the building) McVeigh had to become the suspect (even though he most likely wasn't meant to be the suspect).

What probably happened then was McVeigh would have needed to be "managed" in prison by a mind control expert so nothing slipped out of McVeigh's mouth that shouldn't.

I saw an interview with a woman who was 1 of the few people who were allowed in to watch McVeigh allegedly being killed by lethal injection. In the interview she said it was strange because after they pronounced McVeigh was dead, it looked like McVeigh was still breathing because his chest was rising up and down.

It's possible that because McVeigh was an agent and wasn't meant to be the suspect, he is still alive.

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I see! so if he wasnt stopped then by police then America would have its false flag to blame an eastern country?

i remember something about al queda being blamed for it. I maybe wrong as it was a long time ago when I watched a interview stating it was al queda before mcveigh was in the mix.

{Ed033's Note - It's possible it would of otherwise been blamed on middle eastern's

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Ed033 looking at the build up to his alleged death, and the aftermath, there are many irregularities that make me think he didn't actually die by lethal injection as we've been told. No appeal, no final statement, the IV in the leg, no post mortem, and cremated immediately etc.

I have heard he has been spotted in South America, but I don't know how reliable those sightings are. Do you think realistically they could rely on him to stay quiet?


{Ed033's Note - In theory if they always just killed agents after doing a "job" then it going to do any "job" for them. Agents need to at least think they're going to be looked after whatever happens even f they aren't looked after.

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I've seen a good few videos that claim that this was used by the whitehouse to rush through certain legislation to do with terrorism. In some cases, a good old domestic terrorist is as effective as the middle eastern ones, providing it helps them further down the line.

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19 Jun 2013 01:49:56
There were two jail sentences passed yesterday in this country which astounded me. Both were at the opposite ends of the criminal spectrum and they both were given vastly different jail terms. Now, I'd like to know if it's just me who thinks this system is as crazy as it is corrupt. The two I'm referring to are as follows;
Kristian Holmes, a 32 year old surveyor, was convicted of causing an estimated £250,000 damage in his double life as one of Britain's most prolific graffiti vandals.
Stuart Hall, an 83 year old tv broadcaster, was convicted of sexually abusing girls.
Unbelievably, the first man was jailed three and a half years compared to the second man's (for man read 'beast') fifteen MONTHS.
When did society deem the welfare of children to be of less importance than criminal damage? We live in a sick and twisted place if this is the norm.

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You have to understand that the elites subscribe to satanic ideologies! Satan formally lucifer gives them power etc in return of offering up the innocent energy of kids. Think about it, kids represent the state adam and eve were in before the "apple" incident. The human state Satan wanted to corrupt. Look up Bohemian Grove and Molech, both biblically and in reality. It's a simple case of looking after their own! In Saudi etc pedos get killed thus incidents are much lower than our luciferian run western world.

imo of course.

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With the greatest respect gibsy, that is another subject. I agree the elitist families are involved in these sick practices and have been for generations. My point, however, is that how can either judge justify the sentence they passed in comparison to the crimes committed? Why do we let these people get away with putting cash before children? It's a sick reality.

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18 Jun 2013 23:49:44
been trying to find out if labour will get rid of this disgusting bedroom tax and they are none committal, even a local labour politician from Liverpool has criticized that waste of space milliband for not saying one way or another, we all know what that means, they will keep the bedroom tax if they get in to power, I detest tory values but they do their policies regardless but new labour bitch about tories left right and center and when they get in they keep the things they were bitching about, their is no left or right wing now, if you got cameron and milliband in a room alone they would probably agree about 90 per cent of stuff. makes me sick this stuff.

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They could swap places tomorrow and nothing would change Franky. The bedroom tax is deeply cynical and punitive.


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I'm not clued up on this but I thought if you rented a house from the council with 2 bedrooms as opposed to one, you simply had to pay higher rent. If you are paying a higher rent fee then you should not have to pay a f##cking bedroom tax, ( sorry getting annoyed now ). If you are on benefits then this must be victimization, because if you ever get a job you will have to pay full rent. Furthermore shouldn't the council's who handed out the housing in the first place be held accountable. Lastly the speed that this was put into place shows quite clearly that it's now a case of them and us.
Rent over, sorry rant.


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If the councils across the country are really opposed to the bedroom tax they should take a leaf out of Leeds city councils book, they re-classified all spare council bedrooms, thus avoiding the bedroom tax. There reason was that it will cost more to enforce the bedroom tax, than the tax would bring in.

Yorkshire Red

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20 Jun 2013 18:40:26
those on benefits they get most of their rent and council tax paid for them subsidised from taxes of the workers. The ones being victimised are the likes of me who work full time and have to pay for all this crap and then through tax pay to allow the neighbours to sit in their pants all day watching garbage and smoking weed. Maybe not everyone has such neighbours. But the only one's I feel sympathy for are the poor elderly who got clobbered with this too and other young families like myself.

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No mate you are judging that everyone on benefits as having it custy, trying to get a job now is hard enough but getting a job that pays well is near impossible, don't get me wrong their are scroungers who play the system but governments and media are putting out negative propaganda about people on benefits, I think if you done a poll and asked people on income support if they would work for a job that was secure and was a decent wage would they come off the dole, I think you would be surprised.

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