Conspiracy Talk Archive May 19 2013


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19 May 2013 15:23:06
Its been a bit quiet on here. Has anyone got any good clips/youtube movies you have seen recently? Any topic.

Geordie Al

{Ed033's Note - This isn't new on here but if you haven't seen it, it's extraordinary but takes a while to get going and you need to ideally watch all 4 parts

Bases 17 ET Connection with Falklands War Parts One and Two of 4

Part 3 -

Part 4 -

If you watch Part Four of the ET Elements of The Falklands War video about the intelligent nano black oil shown in the prometheus film being drilled for leading to the 2010 Gulf of Mexico disaster, then there is a reference in the video to a Nexus magazine article about alleged french embassy intelligence reports on the international activity around the disaster site. Click Here to download this Nexus magazine article in pdf format

Cheers Edd, Ill watch them after the football. Toon!

Geordie Al

19 May 2013 17:31:31
will also watch later

Anymore Ed?

{Ed033's Note - Go here ( and watch all the video interviews There is a list of 150 of them at the bottom of the page.

That oil rig stuff is unbelievable! my research for the next month, got to look into this more in depth, I can feel an obsession starting! any other sources you could pass on? Thanks again for ruining my social life ;)

Sorry guys have been celebrating my sisters b/d and have the mother of all hangovers for the last few days so a bit more about the falklands I found this interview (no video) about a soldiers accounts about a ufo during the war, its not well known off and to be honest this soldiers accounts I have not heard of before, its a interesting read, no gym for me today so will be doing some more digging.

Ha ha jonesy ditto.

Just finished watched the last video, really interesting. Now off to richplanet to unearth more. Great site guys