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19 Nov 2011 20:27:56
Dont know if this should be posted here but, listening to a radio show early this morning, I thought a very valid point was put accross-
Most know that in FIFA, there are bribes, bungs etc flying about with certain members. Now, in the build up to a world cup etc.. these guys all know before hand which country is going to host an event like the World Cup before its announced. So think that if only a few of these members got 'associates', relatives etc, to put big money on for example, Quatar to host the world cup (outsiders at the time of announcement)n, think of how much money they are making on the side on a certain result which they control. Spread over different bookies , thats a hell of alot of money gained!

{Ed033's Note - This happens with certain politicians, people behind the scenes and people like Warren Buffett. They get perfect information on which companies will get government contracts so know ahead of time which companies' stocks/shares will rise and can make millions at a time using this inside info.}

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Would not be a surprise at all. We all know Fifa is bent.

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19 Nov 2011 19:31:06
On one of David Ickes videos it shows several pictures of Bush with Brown eyes and then bush with green eyes......

Azza {Ed033's Note - I haven't seen that. Although I have heard rumours of eye weirdness with a couple of famous people.}

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Maybe there were 2 of them and they swapped over....?

Or maybe it was like the man in the iron mask and there was good Bush and bad Bush? {Ed033's Note - Was any Bush ever good?}

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Might have been as child Ed, every kid is innocent, depens what trips his switch, nature or nuture? With him maybe a combination of both, that environment along with that family.

Point i meant what if he got switched for some reason?

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Not all kids are innocent. Remember the two 10 yr olds in Liverpool that kidnapped the baby and tied it to a train track.

Irish Red

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Venables and Thompson, the Bulger case yes. Evil pair of scrotes but again nature or nuture? No-one is born evil, there's something somewhere that tips the balance. Could have been environment, parents, maybe even dna.

Back to Bush as i said given the upbringing in a major political family like that with parents like that a combination of nature and nuture tipped the balance. Bush isn't an evil man, not compared to others, easily led certainly. Gullible, a bit thick in some ways, but quite smart again in others.

The Kennedy's is another example. Family environment, strong paternal personality. Everything has an influence.

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I strongly disagree with that statement that nobody is born eveil. That is just your good side talking. If there is a chance that someone can be born innately good then there is as much chance they can be born innately eveil. Read a book called 'We Need To Talk About Kevin', then come back and tell me how you feel :-).


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Lol Raz, you disappeared for a while, thought you might have been abducted lol.


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Raz i never said born innately good, i just think people are bron in balance, something then tips people one way or another, i think its in everyone's way to be good or bad but various triggers push them one way or the other. We're all capable of kind acts and we are all capable at times of doing wrong. Some people tend to go to extremes of either. What triggers this?

{Ed033's Note - Allegedly people in the negative "illuminati" / ruling class, brainwash their children to believe that everyone of "the public" ie not one of them are slaves/chattle/sub human etc. because they believe it to be true because they were brainwashed themselves when they were children which means they have no empathy. These negative "illuminati" / ruling class types allegedly treat each other badly as they believe there is some kind of hierarchy with you treating people "below" you badly.

A second reason is that at some point these ruling class types become corrupted/owned by what they have done typically at rituals and can't get out so have to go along with the negative agenda otherwise risking exposure or being eliminated.

A third reason that people like David Icke says is that people attending these rituals become possessed by other negative entities that have no empathy so then the person possessed no longer has empathy even if they did originally. }

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Ok Ed fair enough i could understand that for say the Bush's of the world the elite and such, but what about your common or garden variety criminal? They haven't been brainwashed or are part of the elite, what causes them to go bad? is it breeding and ennvironment, circumstance?

But no good point thats what i was saying regards Bush or Kennedy or whatever, born into these elite families, with all the pressures that brings, and with parents like those, that combination of environment and breeding sets them up anyway, and then they are expectded to be in power, have it all on a plate. Throw in whatever goes on behind closed doors, your rituals or whatever.....

{Ed033's Note - Ok my take on the common or garden variety people.

1. a certain percentage of the general population (more than you might expect) are psychopaths and thus have no empathy so can carry out evil acts with no problem.

2. some people actually commit crimes/evil acts so that they can be caught because they want help or are mentally disturbed and want help.

3. some people on a £500 a day drug habit seem to think they have no choice but to commit crimes.

4. Charles manson's group carried out the evil acts they did because charles manson somehow had an amazing persuasive personality.

5. Experiments have shown that some people just do as an authority figure tells them to do. There have been a couple of experiments where people were told to administer electric shocks to people who got a task wrong. They were pretend electric shocks with actors but people gave what they thought was a deadly amount of electric current to people when told to do so.

6. A lot of the serial killers or even the alleged "lone nut assassins" (Sirhan Sirhan, Mark David Chapman) were allegedly mind controlled by government agencies, tavistock institute for example.}

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Yeah I took some time away Azza, had a lot going on and some of the topics repeated themselves or I had no comment on...but I still pop in now and then.

Going back to the good/evil thing. All I am saying is that not everyone is born in balance. It's easy to say that as that would seem 'logical' but the simple fact is some people are not born in a balance between good and evil (that you then hope the right upbringing and environmental factors tilt to the side of good), you do genuinely get kids born evil, they hate their mothers from the second they pop out and their whole character development is subconsciously based around that hatred. It's not a new concept at all. Honestly, read that book I suggested, it's incredible. Everything is born with a soul and ou never know what that soul will be like until the child is in the world, we're all different and it's no different when we're born. Raz

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19 Nov 2011 15:02:40
is colonel gadaffi really dead?was the man savagely beaten then executed a body double?
{Ed033's Note - Who really knows? What I don't get is that allegedly the man who was caught as colonel gadaffi kept a mobile phone on him so NATO knew where he was all the time as they can track anybody with a mobile phone anywhere in the world. Surely gadaffi would have known this even if he was told that he had an "untraceable" phone.}

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To be fair though Ed if it was a pay as you go he could be tracked but how would they know it's his?
{Ed033's Note - It could be as simple as voice recognition. They know what his voice sounds like and have the technology to compare voices. It is recognised that the standard military have technology that is 10 years ahead of what we have and the black ops / secret government has allegedly technology far more advanced than the standard military.}

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19 Nov 2011 12:18:05
Why are Germany/ Vatican allowed to get so powerful again? Did history not teach us that these two together, slaughtered millions. Watch for Europe to evolve into 10 kingdoms- UK not in it, they are determined to break up UK. The Beast system is growing before our eyes. Well, the bible did say it would be financial/ religious ..................wonder what bible meant by scarlet and purple, can t think of any religion.............maybe paranoia. noo noo noo noo etc.

{Ed033's Note - Why Germany is so strong now could be because of what Jim Marrs and Dr. Joseph P. Farrell have talked about and put in their books where the german people did lose WW2 but the Nazis did not lose WW2. The Nazis continued and kept their huge amount of money and their black technology and are now in a really powerful position in the world now.

Jim Marrs wrote of book called the Rise of the Fourth Reich

Project Camelot Interview with Jim Marrs on the rise of the 4th reich

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell wrote a book called Nazi International

Project Camelot interview with Dr. Joseph P. Farrell based on his book Nazi International

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{Ed033's Note - Why the Vatican is allegedly so powerful is because they believe that the Pope stands as "Christ" until "Jesus" returns. The Roman Catholic Church allegedly believe that their Papal Bulls written hundreds of years ago saying such things as all people on earth are "owned" forever more by the Roman Catholic Church, stand as truth because nobody rebutted the Papal Bulls at the time. The Vatican believe that certain Kings in the past handed over ownership of the country and the people to the Roman Catholic Church.
I think the Vatican maybe feeling threatened so is possibly attempting to flex its muscles.}

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And now we have the Nazi Pope as well Ed. Ok ok i know he said he was only in the Hitler Youth because it was compulsory. Which fair enough its true it was. But those kids were pretty much well brain washed by the end of the war. What if deep down some of it is still in there?

He's a lot more reactive compared to his predessor after all.

Just a thought.
{Ed033's Note - This white Pope, Ratzinger is surely a puppet himself only doing and saying what he is told to do and say. When people attempt to interview him "off the cuff", he says things that are consistent with what he has been told to say. But there is an individual personality added to the mix as well.}

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To be honest i've only seen him on the news like the christmas message and stuff like when he was over here. Not being a catholic i don't pay much attention.

I just think he's one of those unfortunate people that have a sinister air to them. You look at some pics of him and he looks like a mass murderer, hes just got this really sinister air if that makes any sense, its the eyes i think.

{Ed033's Note - Ratzinger looks like Emperor Palpatine out of star wars -

Pope Palpatine

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Thanks Ed thats exactly what i mean, he just looks sinister.

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The more i look at that pic the more i get the creeps, thanks Ed.

I can just imagine him, in his throne room, on a swively throne like at the end of ROTJ, taunting some young hopeful.

"I'm looking forward to completing your training. In time, you will call me Master."

Apprentice Monk "huh?"

"Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen."

Monk "are you ok holiness"

"Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design. It was I who allowed the Alliance to know the location of Gaddaffi. It is quite safe from your pitiful little band. An entire legion of my best troops awaits them. Oh, I'm afraid the WMD's will be quite operational when your friends arrive."

Monk "i think his holiness has lost the plot"

"Strike me down with all of your hatred, and your journey towards the dark side will be complete!"

Monk "yes alas he is a fruitcake"

"If you will not be turned... you will be destroyed!" "Your feeble skills are no match for the dark side!"

As the priests all just stand around thinking wish the end of days would hurry up.

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I don't think there is anything wrong in the Vatican, but Germany is certainly a problem, conquering the world with finance instead of arms, where Hitler went wrong.

Christ the Saviour

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I have never read the bible (as hard as that is to believe) but i'm almost certain a character in the book said something along the lines of,

"I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

The Catholic church preaches this to people and yet they are one of the richest organizations in the world. The point hits home even more so as this weekend it was children in need, if these people truly meant what they said and mores the point believed it surely they could end all the troubles in Africa and all over the world.

always a red

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I argee , i think all churchs and relgions should be non -money making , and should just sell any spare land and holdings in banks and investments and just give it to the poor , i know i myself should be doing more than i do , and most people would be the same i think and just help the poor and weak people around the world , the kingdom of god is inside every human , we dont need building and ritals to do , we all just need to be better and do the best we can...........lfc

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Agreed what do they need all that land for? And all the artworks, and the finery and the gold and silver. But they wont hand it over.

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Knock catholics time, demonize a group of people!. Where have I heard that before, oh yes I know, ended in the holocaust. Demonize people then you can attack them. First they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out - because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the communists
and I did not speak out - because I was not a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out - because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for me -
and by then there was no one left to speak out for me.

The German anti-Nazi activist,
Pastor Martin NiemΓΆller {Ed001's Note - all the while the Catholic Church was helping the Nazis with their plans, and then after the collapse they aided the Nazis in their escape from justice.....}

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I thought edds had to objective, not biased bigots. Maybe you have let Ian Paisley become and edd! {Ed001's Note - what is biased about that? I think there is only one idiot here, what is more stupid than denying the truth?}

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Aided the nazis in their escape. Let me enlighten you edd, the USA secretly took endless amounts of nazi scientists to live and work on there science programmes, evading justice! {Ed001's Note - and your point is? I already knew that, it is common knowledge that both the US and Russia took their pick of the top Nazi brains to aid their space race. The Catholic Church was aiding those Nazis that weren't wanted for anything other than war crimes. They had a team of priests forging documents, including passports, so they could flee the incoming allies and justice for the crimes they committed.}

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Where`s your proof? you can`t just claim these things happened without concrete proof. Your a bigot! {Ed001's Note - grow up. Try doing some research and you will find it is the truth. Instead of making baseless and completely false accusations, you might want to check the veracity of the information out for yourself. Stop being a sheep and find things out for yourself.}

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Your the one who is making baseless sectarian accusations. I would challenge you to repeat what you said here tonight in a pub of my choosing in Glasgow. See how brave you are! I reckon you would last one minute max!! {Ed001's Note - so now you are threatening me? I don't think it is me that is showing a lack of bravery by making threats over the internet against someone with something to say you don't like. Sad little internet warrior with nothing but false accusations to make against others. I told you to look for yourself, but you would far rather whine like a little brat because you are obviously too scared to look it up and find out that just maybe I might be right.}

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Could not agree more with the ed, the amount of facts you can read about these "subjects" is unbelievable, you should stop saying what you feel and what you know no name.


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So Ed you have been offered a night out in Glasgow at a pub of the posters choosing most likely Bairds Bar since he has played the sectarian card so early, he clearly is in denial of the facts. If he would care to google ODESSA that would be a good starting point for him then try the Red Cross and the Vatican, both are as guilty as each other at least the Red Cross have held there hands up and admitted it was chaos after the war and they couldnt cope with the paperwork. The Vatican still have their archives closed and refuse to comment making everyone wonder what they are hiding


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Whoever it is giving the Eds grief is absolutely pathetic. P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C.

You are being asked to go and some bloody homework. You state this and that about scientists and then demand proof from Ed for what he is suggesting. That's hypocritical. The only reason it doesn't matter is because Ed knows his stuff and knows that what you've said is correct, and perhaps that he is too. However you're refusing point blank to go and research stuff that is clearly documented, somewhat evidenced and well believed for good reason. You're just a psycho fanatic. In fact that is arguably precisely the kind of person who should have been rounded up and culled, you're a danger to any good person due to your inability to want to accept the truth. You're also a disgrace. I hope you stay in Glasgow. I know the Eds don't need any baking up but people like you make me SICK, you're that narrow-minded.

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Ffs don`t be sheeple.
Twelve Jesuit priests have been formally recognized by Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority in Jerusalem, for risking their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust of World War II: Roger Braun (1910“1981) of France; Pierre Chaillet (1900“1972) of France; Jean-Baptist De Coster (1896“1968) of Belgium; Jean Fleury (1905“1982) of France; Emile Gessler (1891“1958) of Belgium; Jean-Baptiste Janssens (1889“1964) of Belgium; Alphonse Lambrette (1884“1970) of Belgium; Emile Planckaert (b. 1906“2006) of France; Jacob Raile (1894“1949) of Hungary; Henri Revol (1904“1992) of France; Adam Sztark (1907“1942) of Poland; and Henri Van Oostayen (1906“1945) of Belgium.
Several other Jesuits are known to have rescued or given refuge to Jews during that period.[44] A plaque commemorating the 152 Jesuit priests who gave of their lives during the Holocaust was installed at Rockhurst University, a Jesuit university, in Kansas City, Missouri, United States, in April 2007, the first such plaque in the world.

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19 Nov 2011 11:34:14
german market in birmingham illuminat everywhere. Carved pyramid and oberlisk crystals. Wooden owls. Cuddly owls.

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Where in birmingham? i was around the bullring all day today, didnt notice anything

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In Vicky square mate, had to pop to the bullring for a bit.

Loads of stalls selling handmade German wares, carved wooden owls, soft cuddly owls, crystals in the shape of pyramids and obelisks.

Good day but the drunks were starting to come out in force.

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I am tempted to say this is slightly daft but I wasn't there to be fair. All I will say is that just because something is in the shape of an obelisk doesn't mean it is Illuminati. AT the end of the day all crystals form obelisk shapes, it is the most obvious shape when selling crystals etc.
What about all the stuff made of crystals that was shaped into other things? Do you just ignore that?

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19 Nov 2011 09:13:56
is pudsey bear really blind in one eye?

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He must be he gets DLA

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