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19 Oct 2012 19:44:17
hey ed whats your view on the harrp project an this is first time on here so if you dnt no wat it is youtube it its very interesting an worth a watch


{Ed033's Note - I think you mean HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). Who knows exactly what it is capable of but it appears that it is being used as a weapon
It is rumoured that it can cause Earthquakes and therefore Tsunamis
It is rumoured that it can control the weather
It is rumoured that it can be used as a mind control weapon
It is rumoured that it can be used for certain purposes outside of the Earth's atmosphere

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Im intrigued about the HAARP project myself i beileve they have been carrying on some of tesla's work and use this tech to create friction between unstable Countrys And to indeuce poverty on these places but then again is it real? We cannot be sure..


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Well instead of going to war why don't they use it on country like Iraq, Iran, china? But no, a tsunami is triggered and devastets Japan and the conclusion is made the yanks caused it?!? Total bs if u ask me, if u believe in haarp then u must be sad enough to believe in chemtrails!!

Gbgb {Ed001's Note - why would they use it on Iraq, Iran or China? That would make little sense. Try explaining that one rather than being sad enough to talk down to people.}

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I think he means that it would make more sense on countries that are direct rivals to the yanks such as china or iran rather than japan. Or least i think thats what he meant. {Ed001's Note - how would that make more sense? Surely it depends on the object you are trying to achieve.}

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Thanks for the spelling it right ed lol , i have strong views that it can be use and have been used to course harm , something that always bothered me is that they say it can change the weather an stuff or the video i seen on it did an there is places in africa that could do with rain alot more and they could use it for good


{Ed033's Note - Yes but history shows us that things that could be used for good are virtually always used for weaponry

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What about the BURP technology? Heard it can put people into alternate reality, kind of dream state. Then those "elites" can control people however they want. I think the previous poster was asking why wouldn't they use it on Iran, Iraq and China? And why would they use it in Japan. Considering it even exists.


{Ed033's Note - Who's to say the Japanese did not upset the Americans somehow? The Japanese could be sharply dumping their holdings of dollars possibly because of an expected coming significant devaluation of the dollar or the Japanese could have decided to become energy independent

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19 Oct 2012 18:02:30
Variable speed limits on motorways, those who regularly use the busy motorways like the M6, M25 or the M1 will know how much of a pain these can be. Here's my theory. If you get caught over the speed limit, you get 3 points and a fine (which IMHO is double jeopardy). Variable speed limits play havoc on busy motorways, 70 mph down to 40mph then back up to 60 mph then down to 40 mph again and so on and so on. Before people say you shouldn't speed and you should read the road, I know this. Aside from fines, people who crash in these zones are also feeding money to the fraudsters who run this country (notice I didn't put OUR country). Not only do variable speed limits cause more harm than good, ie needless traffic jams etc but I think these where designed to make people crash by constantly confusing drivers by use of these variable speed limits, thus ramping up insurance premiums which the legal gangsters get a slice of, then they get the tax off the parts to be replaced on damaged cars, the tax on possible overtime paid to employees etc.
what's everyone else's thoughts?


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I do think its is some sort of scam.

If people who live here struggle with it then how are people from abroad? Like foreign haulage drivers? etc.

Its a very daft policy.

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Strategy of Tensions

For reasons UNKNOWN (Known to One)

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I use the M25 on a fairly regular basis. I notice that the variable limit is usually used around Heathrow, where there is usually a lot of off/on Motorway traffic. This seems sensible to me to be honest. I have seen some variable limits where there has been no apparant hazard. I reckon you might be reading too much into it, personally.

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I understand in stupidly busy parts, but parts that ain't so busy there is simply no need for them. I use the M25 a fair bit myself and I'm from Liverpool (long distance truck driver) and round Heathrow is always busy so again it's understandable. The not so busy ones are simply putting money behind the bar at parliament.


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My goodness ive heard it all now.... They have variable speed limits to cause accidents to put your insurance premium up!! Lay off the crack pipe Aaron!

Mr No Name

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Tell us all why we have variable speed limits on motorways mr no name?

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Franky are you sharing a pipe with Aaron? Am not a traffic control expert but i would reckon its a saftey issue...a far more likely scenario than a scam to collect taxes and push up premiums!!

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Mr No Name no crack pipe here son. Is that u admitting ur own habits? Just incase u may of missed the point of this page, it's a CONSPIRACY page ya gimp. The whole point is to discuss current conspiracies and variable speed limits in places that they aren't really needed feels like a conspiracy to me. Hence why I posted it on the CONSPIRACY TALK PAGE. Muppet


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19 Oct 2012 11:35:57
Anybody think there will one day be a World War 3?


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It could be argued that 'the Cold War' was World War 3. Vast amounts of money were spent on arms build up and spy networks, both sides suffered losses of personnel and the population was kept in a state of threat particularly during the Cuba crisis and in the early eighties. All happened on a global scale. Historically it all fits neatly into the twentieth centry aswell. As for a new global war, it's already begun.

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I'd also say the Cold War was WW3. You had Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Afghanistan for example, all either proxy wars in the case of the latter 2 or direct war as in the first. Plus the Middle East with USA & USSR arming their respective client states.

Then all the dirty stuff like Iran, Chile, Nicaragua, Hungary, Czechoslovakia with governments being toppled and pro- governments being installed.

Then the arms race as said, the spy games, the assassinations carried out by both sides, the Missile crisis, the propaganda war, the Space Race, Star Wars.

The New Global war i'm less sure on, it feels more like the pre-amble towards it That sort of period where you suss out whose on who's side and get allies rather than the proper start of hostilities.


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It is inevitable. IMO much of the reason for the existence of Isreal (and it's SAMSON SOLUTION policy) is to trigger WWIII in what i call Earth's 'Nuclear Alley' all along the Med and farther East.


The Pea

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Well i googled it and i got "the latest breakthrough technology in non-surgical hair replacement."


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That is funny, Mort! I might amend it to read SAMSON SOLUTION FOREIGN POLICY


Always a war... always an enemy...

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Ok looked it up proper this time, personally i can't see it, but i can see how others can.


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Isreal is there for ww3? I can't understand all this isreal's a small country surrounded by complete and utter enemies, in religious txts the Jew owned this land b4 being over run by the Arabs, they have just returned to their holy land and in time they will hopefully destroy a horrible regime (Iran) and no doubt I will be told Iran is a peacefull country and the media paint them in a black picture, but to my knowledge they are the only country that have openly discussed wiping another country of the map so to speak! Human rats the lot!


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I hope there is a new world war so there'll be better video games in the future because the way this call of duty obsession is seriously pissing me off !

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Woah woah woah, listen up.
"all this Isreal hate" don't confuse this page with things you hear and see alsewhere in your life, "Gbgb". I expressed my opinion on Isreal, an opinion based on my own suspicions. I never even mentioned the word 'hate'. I don't hate Isreal. Keep your own words in your own mouth don't put them in mine.
You come across as just another 'city-zen' (parrot).
Coming on here telling people how it is (which, let me guess, according to you it's the standard version taught in textbooks, nothing to see here; everything is just exactly as it seems kiddies..), calling people saddo's and such.
I don't like you. I don't like people like you.
One day you might just get the fright of your life.
I hope you do.

The Pea (lacks respect for the average parrot)

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