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19 Sep 2013 19:28:44
i have been looking at connections between Hollywood and the CIA and came across screen play writer Gary deVore, he had many contacts famous and at the time he went missing he was on the verge to make a blockbuster that would shock everyone, it was about panamas Manuel Antonio Noriega drugs relationship with the CIA, deVore was on his way home from a meeting, he phoned his wife to say he was half way from home and was never seen again until mounting speculation by the media, then suddenly his car is found in a Aqueduct, his laptop with sensitive information on his book/movie was gone plus his gun that he always carried round with him, the official inquests was he fell asleep and drove into the water, plausible, one thing though his hands were on the back seat.
this case is very interesting as deVore had access to underground bases and very important connections, here are a couple of links and could make your own mind up.

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I love a good conspiracy!

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19 Sep 2013 14:29:42
Stumbled upon a great Documentary site full of free informative films on a variety of subjects.

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19 Sep 2013 12:20:43
about the real reason the war on Syria according to this journalist

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Good article up to a point.

Makes some very valid points about what has happened/ will happen and the control of energy is always an interesting topic as you often don't read about it in the general press.

Always take articles like that with a pinch of salt though.

I'm always cautious of websites that are partly funded by the companies they are promoting.


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{Ed002's Note - This is not a journalist. It is simply another crank blogger.}

Glad to see you pop in edd02, do you look at this site while the rumour site is quiet?

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{Ed002's Note - Not often Franky. I'll tidy up a few posts now and again but I never read the pages themselves.}

19 Sep 2013 12:43:41
Do you guys believe in god or support the evolution theory?


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{Ed001's Note - what about neither?}

Aliens tampered with dna about 70,000 years ago

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Wouldnt thatmean evolution exists

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I used to be catholic, I do believe in God but not as an all knowing being who is full of contradictions (i. e. sinners will go to hell then later it says all are forgiven) I unsure about the origins of mankind, some theories say an alien race who created us as a slave race to mine them Earth's resources others say aliens tampered with our dna.

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I believe in evolution but I don't believe humans evolved from any species on this planet.

I believe we were genetically engineered.

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Man created "God", out of his own fear of death.


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Ed 001 why do you mean why about neither? Are there any scientifally viable alternatives to the evolutionary theory? Would really be interested in hearing more about this as its something I've always taken for granted as being true!


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{Ed001's Note - I just think neither truly explain humanity. Unless humanity has been around a hell of a lot longer than we are told, which is a very real possibility. Otherwise, the leap forward in evolution that brought us into being must have had some body/thing helping it along somehow. I certainly don't believe that is the work of some perfect god, because a perfect god would create perfect things, or else s/he would be imperfect. So, right now, I am just keeping an open mind until a theory presents itself that, either solves the issues with the current theories or presents a new solution to all the problems.}

I believe in conscious evolution and a conscious energy inside which we all live, I choose to refer to as source.

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I sort of agree with that zari.

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