Conspiracy Talk Archive April 01 2013


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01 Apr 2013 11:02:11
So Korea is heating up again, press reporting that the North objected to the US flying Stealth bombers over the area. well they can't be that bloody stealthy if everybody knows that they flew over head!


It was a show of power, plus North Korea won't stand a chance against the US, Korea have old tech compared to the Americans.

Ive been thinking about this for a while and does north korea have something up there sleeve or are they really that stupid?

there was a report saying that they can find no trace of the test that north korea done recently, so does that put up the possibility of another false war that someone is trying to start or are they getting help?

I also seen that Russia have mobilised a large naval fleet for so called training.

at the end of the day the usa just need one payload from one b-2 and its all over.
there isn't any oil or any resource there that they need to drag on any type of conflict.

Although my original post was tongue in cheek I have to agree that either and Korea have totally lost the plot or there is a hidden reason behind the escalation in hostilities.


02 Apr 2013 18:12:11
If I was obama i'd give moscow and beijing one warning to stay out and then i'd go smack korea one. Going around saying their going to nuke people is asking for trouble. {Ed001's Note - so the only country ever to use nuclear weapons in anger, is then going to tell other countries they can't use them? And you think that's a good idea?}

I don't think N. Korea is that stupid they haven't lasted this long by saying that they're going to bomb everyone, they definitely have something up their sleeve, wonder what it could be.