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01 Aug 2012 20:12:00
Alleged UFO Over London Olympics 2012

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01 Aug 2012 00:00:38
What's the opinions on this story about the alleged Batman cinema killer's father?

{Ed033's Note - This is just one of the fishy things about this case. The alleged shooter's father was to testify to the US senate about what he knew of the libor scandal

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Ed 033 great great site love it !

What is your view on the idea that the batman gunman was mind controlled by the CIA

CHELSEA 19/05 19 May

{Ed033's Note - We actually don't know whether there were in fact 2 gunmen and we don't actually know whether the guy with the red/orange hair, James Holmes was actually one of the gun men.

This seems to be a false flag government agency hit in my opinion. James Holmes could be a manchurian candidate, I don't know

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What is a manchurian candidate?

{Ed033's Note - a manchurian candidate is someone who has been mind controlled. If you watch James Holmes in court, he looked out of it

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What is the Libor scandal ed?

{Ed033's Note -
Judge Napolitano explains the LIBOR Scandal and according to him it's one of the Largest Bank Orchestrated Frauds in History

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Cheers ed, that's very interesting if he is one.....nothing surprises me these days.


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