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01 Feb 2012 20:46:55
Does anyone think there could be something similar to the hunger games on tv say in like 50-200 years

The way reality tv is showing more and more skin and sex. People mite get bored and want to up the ante

For anyone who doesn't know wot the hunger games is its a first book in a trilogy by suzzane collins in which there is a reality tv show where teens fight each other to the death

Any thoughts

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I think its plausable mate, fighting til death for a prize, if the prize is big enough there would be a lot of desperate people interested in doing it, and a lot of people interested in watching it. can only see it happening in a broken/post apoalyptic society though


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To the first poster - by the 'minoritys', do you mean people that have sexual intercourse? Because they aren't a minority my friend.


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Well Roma had the gladiators and that wasn't a post apocalyptic society, it was just a way of keeping the plebs entertained, can't remember who said it but ran something like "give the mob bread and circuses and you control Rome"

Maybe we are heading back towards that. Reality tv can only go so far but people get bored quick and someone always pushes it that little bit further.

If people want to go on tv and hack each other up into pieces then it'll happen somewhere one day. If you can make money of it someone will do it.

And there are so many formats as we have seen in the movies, just 3 examples: Gladatior, Death Race and Battle Royale.

Imagine a Big Brother set in a massive mansion, with rooms with supplies in, last man standing?

Once the genie is out the bottle then its hard getting it back in.

I sound like i'm in favour, i'm not, just a realist, and i can see in 20 yeras time that maybe such things would be on tv, pay per view of course and massive advertising and sponsorship revenues.

Gladiators were celebrities once and the modern equivalent would be cage fighters/ mma etc. its just taking that to an extreme after all.

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I'm pretty sure that quote is from gladiator

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01 feb 2012 20:17:21
This guy, Michael Tellinger knows his stuff, nephilim giant/annunaki footprint, we need to research more in south africa they have hundreds of 'stone henges' that don't get acknowledged.


giant footprint millions of years old

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01 Feb 2012 02:05:28
{Ed033's Note - The Secret KGB Abduction Files - Project Isis - The KGB's discovery of The Visitor

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01 Feb 2012 01:11:18
{Ed033's Note - Roger Patterson, Bob Gimlin Bigfoot Film - Bill Munns' Analysis

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Jus wonderin if anyone has seen any of todd standings bigfoot stills n footage ? its intersting 2 say the least

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