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01 Feb 2013 21:44:25
Any Americans about?

Lloyd Pye has set up a White House petition for the star child skull, needs 100,00 signatures.
If they get it they will look into funding the project.

On the page you can send a Tweet out to others letting them know about this.


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01 Feb 2013 18:25:38
anymore on this scottish/irish/egyptian stuff? Sounds interesting.

{Ed033's Note - There could be something more on this in this video interview with Alan Wilson. If not I'm sorry, but this is extremely interesting anyway.

Alan Wilson talks about Britain's two King Arthurs

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If you have time on your hands look at this by Michael Tsarion. He can be a 'bit off the wall', but there's some truth hidden in what he posits.

Michael Tsarion, The Irish Origins of Civilization, 1/6

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Very impressed with how this guy presents his case, great speaker.

{Ed033's Note - Are you talking about Alan Wilson?

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03 Feb 2013 21:10:03
cheers ed haven't watched it all yet.

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No michael tsarion, not sure I beleive any of it but he has great communicative skills

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04 Feb 2013 15:56:54
Is his name a tribute to alleged CIA disinfo 'stable-master' Torkum Sassarian, the man who gave us Drunvalo Malchizedeck? Anyone shed any light on the name Tsarion? pea

{Ed033's Note - Michael Tsarion is not a dis-info agent.

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Now that was very interesting, 1st part anyways. Cheers Ed.


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01 Feb 2013 12:43:38
going back to the post I wrote last week about the Rockefeller the National Medical Director of the Rockefeller-sponsored "Planned parenthood" he mentioned in 1969 that in the future children either threw vaccinations and gmo food in the future children will get a lot bigger. girls will develop a lot younger, I never really thought about it until I came back from my gym , my house not far from a secondary school and I swear you not nearly every kid was either same height as me or way bigger than me including some girls, I am no midget btw lol, I am 5 10. I think back to when I was at school and we had the odd tall kid but we were all average height and also going back to my teenage years (i am 44) girls then looked there age apart the odd devolved girl, now days its scary how old they look, all in a relatively short amount of time since the Rockefeller dr made these predictions.


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This develops in specific countries depending on standard of living, diet etc i'm from ireland and before the potato famine we were apperently one of tallest nations in the world at the time i've notcied people are getting taller i'm 6' 1" and I used to be considered tall when I was a bit younger now i'm above average.
mr. deeds

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Plus if there is a world conspiracy, it would do them no good for us to get bigger and taller because it just means we are consuming more food which I'm guessing will go against population control etc?


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