Conspiracy Talk Archive January 01 2012


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01 Jan 2012 22:28:45
First i just want to say DRUGS ARE BAD KIDS (well some are) . Anyway back in 1994 on my way to the festival i dropped some Acid and walked to the top of the Glastonbury tor. Now i had taken acid and mushrooms quite a few times before, and even in historical settings (sort of ,castles really) but the experience there was not the usual laughing at your mates and a few tricks of the mind, it was like tuning in to a different frequency in your brain (i cant believe i just wrote that, i sound very new age ) ,that area does have have special feel to it and that night i was lucid but felt i was seeing and feeling a bit of the world we do not usually see. It was the closest thing to a spirtual (not religious) experience i ever had. I never really went into it with my mates at the time, but i was talking last week to an old mate of that time who had been part of that trip(!) and without any real knowledge of my experience he proceeded to tell me of his own un-cannilly similar spiritual cosmic trip, also the only time despite having previous experience with LSD and mushrooms. It makes me wonder if the whole DMT pinial gland thing Joe Rogan talks about might be right.Has anyone else had any thing happen at these ancient sites whilst high? p.s I was younger and happier,sorry meant iresponsible then, not encouraging anyone else to take anything. JR

Yes mate, i use recreational drugs on the odd weekend ( im 23, i work, my body my choice) , and ive found that with trippy type drugs in particular, Acid/mushrooms etc, it sort of enables you to think a lot deeper than you ever could normally, like you can utilise parts of your mind you wouldnt normally use if that makes sense. I would say they have woken me up to a few things. Wouldnt advise anyone to use trippy drugs tho unless your strong minded, in a safe environment and with people who know what theyre doing!


The same could be said about weed guys, It completely opens your mind.


It opens my mind to biscuits and sleep mate :)


LIAM, you obviously haven't been in the 'zone' yet lol.


This is really interesting because for years spiritual shamans etc have used hallucinogens to 'talk to their gods' etc etc.

Apart from when I've been baked off my tits and gone to bed and stared at the wall, I've only tripped twice. Er..well, I have taken mushrooms on two successful occasions put it that way, but I was, as recommended by everyone except mushroom users who say go do it in a field on a summer's day, tucked up in my living room with a few mates who weren't getting mashed, I had the trip and experience of my life, but nothing spiritual as such.

I would be interested to hear more though, especially from people who have done it at sacred/high energy areas.


I am giving it serious thought about a return trip (pun intended) to the glastonbury tor for the 21st of december 2012 , the winter solstace and possible alien contact/mass spiritual awakening/end of world scenario. See some of the friendlier travellers and your away.

Yeah druids and other mystics always used to get off there faces to have visions, same with all these biblical prophets, what do you think they lived on when wondering the desert for "40 days and nights"?