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01 Jan 2013 19:59:49
{Ed033's Note - Nicola Tesla's Death Ray being used today.

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I been watching a lot of these jesse ventura conspiracy videos, enjoying them too.
funny when he met david icke, made him look silly and proved that david icke is a money whore. {Ed001's Note - do you not find Jesse Ventura to be a money whore?}

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Its starting to bug me about all the crap about david icke being a money whore, the guy was riddle cued for years as being a nut job and left a very well payed job and no doubt would have been the gary linekar of motd so before you start throwing mud read a bit more, to me jesse ventura is a hard one to call, like most american shows like ufo hunters/bigfoot/paranormal/ghost hunters it bugs me when they play the tension music if they find something and ventura show is no different, either way both of them are not millionaires and to produce new stuff and research they charge for book/tickets .

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03 Jan 2013 14:45:59
something people should know before judging jesse, he has said at length that show was to be buried and made as mad as it looks he said he wasnt allowed to edit the final shows, the fema camp episode has caused this and maybe we wont be seeing anymore of his show, u can find him and the show on facebookl.

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He lost any credability he may have had with me when he thought it a good idea to have that annoying june sarpong woman on his show.

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01 Jan 2013 19:14:45
eds an others what is your take on this expedition, it started about a week ago and they stopped or cancelled it a day or two later due to equipment malfunction, why would ya spend 2/3 years preparing for this and give up so easy on search for life on antarctica
red rrab {Ed001's Note - could very easily have just run out of money mate. I know that isn't the exciting answer, but that is the usual problem that faces these kind of expeditions. They are not sexy enough to get enough public exposure to gain funding and tend to be muddling through. It only takes a couple of small problems, or one major one, to kill them dead. Of course, that begs the question of why something like that wasn't seen as 'sexy' enough to get more media exposure. Was it deliberately kept quiet? That is difficult to say, without knowing the nature of what could be hidden there.}

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I agree with ed001 it sounds as if the media deliberately ignored it or where they told to deliberately ignore it by someone with more power?

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