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01 Jul 2012 12:23:48
Ed033, what do make of things such as the 'looking glass' which allows the government to see multiple timelines.

{Ed033's Note - I would suggest that the looking glass technology was never in the hands of governments but those elitist types that currently run the governments. I am aware of the Dan Burish/Crain interviews although I suspect he was heavily mind controlled so whatever he says about 'looking glass' is not necessarily accurate. I would imagine that a technology giving most likely possible future outcomes is still around despite Dan Burish/Crain saying it has all been shut down.

I find it weird that these elitist types don't at least do something about the fukushima situation as most of them care about themselves and they have to live here as well. I almost think that the elitist types lose out in every future scenario the looking glass shows them so they've decided to ruin the whole world economically and turn the world into an uninhabitable radioactive wasteland.

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Great point ed033. Would this perhaps explain why there is a massive underground base beneath Denver airport? That airport is the strangest one ever, there is a lot of masonic ritualistic stuff going on there so perhaps they are readying themselves for when the earth does become uninhabitable.

Also are you familiar with an interview with Henry Deacon (i think?) where he talks about the roswell crash. He says it were aliens returning from the future. He says that a catastrophic event occurs and all the elite take shelter underground, having no sunlight or natural air they begin to change over centuries and become greys. He calls them J-rods, where as the normal people who stayed above ground also change and become a much darker colour skin and taller, Orions. It is a truly fascinating event and is well worth a read.

{Ed033's Note - The reason for the massive underground base beneath Denver is because they have moved the "government HQ" from washington D.C. (on the coast) to colorado (the middle of america) because they think there is a likely hood of the east coast of america being underwater in the future. This was allegedly a possible future scenario using looking glass technology.

I don't think this was Henry Deacon/Arthur Neumann that said this about the greys/orions but Dan Burish/Crain and it sounds too similar to the 1960 The Time Machine film based on the 1895 science fiction book by H. G. Wells for me.

For humans to evolve into greys by living underground seems ridiculous to me. Anthony F. Sanchez has another take on the origins of the greys which is more plausible in his book, UFO Highway. Below is a url to a radio interview Anthony did with red ice radio:

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Ok cheers ed.

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Said this before but it kind of makes you wonder what the screen writers know. This is Sliders/Fringe(amongst others) sci fi.


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There's underground bases all across America, in fact all around the world. Most being frantically built in the last ten years.
It's clear that the Elite are either planning an attack themselves, another false flag atrocity, or they are aware of the true nature of our solar system and have prior knowledge of an impending cosmological disaster.
Either way, they are preparing...themselves for something.

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01 Jul 2012 10:06:00
I was sitting bored on Sunday morning and decided to type into Google, 'what would the earth be like if ' a number of linked searches appeared, such as,

If the Roman empire would have survived, If the Nazis would have won, if the Dinosaurs would have lived.

All interesting points that I thought would be a useful discussion on here. In some circles there is a belief that the Nazis didn't win the war persay, however their techcnology and idealogy remain intact and continue to affect our lives to this day.

Any other thoughts guys, be happy to hear your opinions on the Roman Empire/Dinosaur points as well.

Nick H

{Ed033's Note - The Roman Empire did survive and continues to this day. The Roman Empire has 3 headquarters.
1.) The religious headquarters in the Vatican
2.) The financial headquarters in the City of London
3.) The military headquarters in Washington D.C. and Pentagon

The U.S. senate is the same as the Roman Senate and the U.S. army is used exactly the same way as the Roman army was i.e. The army is sent in to take out any group that gets in the way of the empire's interests.

If the large dinosaurs had survived, then now there would only be at best a couple of populations of them about in remote areas because we would still be here and would have removed them from where we live.

This idea that mammals did not evolve because dinosaurs were around has to be seriously questioned and secondly the Annunaki/Nommo ETs that came here would have removed a lot of the large dinosaurs and still created a slave race (humans), anyway.

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Ed, I like the analogy with the US army being used much like the roman legion, sent out to conquer and expand the US interests. In saying that the US was founded by British forefathers, wouldnt it have made more sense to continue with the British Empire and expand on it's on interests, given that the infrastructure/hierarchy was already in place? I thought the Roman empire was overun by the Huns and this brought about the 'Dark Ages'. Where the Romans were interested in Developing knowledge, learning, architecture, culture, the next stage of our history was ne-andertheralic by comparison. This resulted in our cultural/technoligical advancement being set back by countless years. Just imagine where we would be at this point if we had continued with expanding on what the Romans were doing. Makes you wonder whether there a reason we were set back in our development? {Ed001's Note - the Dark Ages were nothing to do with the Romans or the Huns! They were actually the period of the highest literacy rates in the Western World, until the late Victorian era. The reason it is called the Dark Ages, is purely because the Church had no control over the indoctrination of children through control of schooling.}

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Ed, im pretty sure the term Dark Ages relates to the period of time after the fall of Rome and the invading of many cities from the barbarians. Though I would admit that the term Dark Ages has been expanded to cover negative conotations, it still represents a period where historians have little descriptive text in comparison to earlier/later times as a result of limited detailed writings of that time.

{Ed033's Note - From previous post. The British Empire is a continuation of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire was/is only interested in world domination with a small elite with everything and everyone else as slaves with nothing. (nowadays called "The New World Order") The Roman Empire had a set back yes but returned with the Venetian Banking Cartels, East India Companies, British Empire, U.S.A.

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An interesting thought Ed. Don't agree with all of it, but interesting.

Its well known that the Papacy is a continuation as the early Popes just took the Emperor's religious duties over.

Not sure I agree with the British Empire being a continuation or even the Yanks either. Yes again its well known the US Senate was based on the Roman one. But there is too much time between the the fall of the Western Empire and the rise of the British Empire for it to be a direct continuation, or i am misreading you?

{Ed033's Note - When the Roman Empire fell, do you think they would just give up or at least attempt to start again? They would obviously start again. This is how they did it. They didn't just fall back to the Vatican but they also went to Venice and started up banking. Later they expanded and went to the netherlands and started the dutch east india company. After this they started moving over to Britain and burnt down London in 1666 because they wanted their headquarters in what we call the City of London and a modern city next to them but people were already living there in a rat infested diseased ridden state. They later expanded over the world using the British Army which created the British Empire
They also laid on ships to take people from Europe to terraform America for them for free. They told these Europeans that the streets in America were paved with gold. They later created a corporation called the United States in America now known as the United States of America. This corporation was set up to steal the wealth from America to give it to them.

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So Ed are you using the Roman Empire as a metaphor for any group of people that seek to control the majority for personal gain? As the Roman Empire was destroyed and it's founders and followers long dead before the British Empire.

{Ed033's Note - 20% of The Nag Hammadi texts talk about an Archon group that appears to have come here around a couple of thousand years B.C. and the result was an idea to mess up the world through world domination. This manifested in the form of the Roman Empire. The Archons are still here and this idea to mess up the world through world domination is still here.

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01 Jul 2012 04:09:02
Ed033, I was wondering what you thought of the charlie chaplin picture/video with the person with a cell phone in their hand? What do you make if it? Another time slip perhaps?

{Ed033's Note - The answer to the Charlie Chaplin cell phone time traveler video appears to be not a cell phone but a Siemens 1924 Hearing Aid

Siemens 1924 hearing aid is the charlie chaplin cell phone time traveler device

Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler Caught on Film 1928

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I have to say the Siemens hearing aid would seem a plausible reason, that being said, who then was she talking away to? There is no one around her and as she turns toward the camera you can see her mouthing. WEIRD!! Problem is, if she was on a mobile phone it couldnt be your garden variety phone given that there would not have been any signal. Especially if she was on Vodafone, I cant even get a signal inside my flat,

{Ed033's Note - possibly, it's either a time traveller or ET with a communication device that is fitted inside a Siemens hearing aid to not arouse too much suspicion or someone who maybe hard of hearing, holding a Siemens hearing aid who talks to themselves.

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