Conspiracy Talk Archive June 01 2012


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01 Jun 2012 12:47:19
another ufo was spotted over the uk not yesterday but the day before and a picture was printed in yesterdays sun newspaper, its obviously a ufo and not a weather bloon that the authorities are saying is, this is one of a few that have happened in the last couple of months, how are these incidents managed be covered up when they are so obvious, there is never anything said about them a couple of days after they happen.

Looks like a weather balloon to me

It's problee the aliens,i mean look at the chick on the mature dating site out of this world..

red blancmonge

Here's the link, if anyone wants it.
I'm not the original poster btw.

I wont look at the sun m8 and if they say its a ufo its prob lies.

Keep an open mind but not too open that your brain falls out