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01 Mar 2012 22:01:09
If Jesus was alive today he would be a trade unionist leader

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01 Mar 2012 19:07:18
Enjoying the religion debate, lie to chuck a few ideas out there.

God created the planet in 7 days. OK Physically impossible you say with modern technology. But what if Aliens did it with advance technology? Kind of terraformed the earth?

Noah's ark. Noah had advanced technology from the aliens or was an alien himself. He didn't literally put 2 of each animal on board. He took dna samples of each animal and had them stored on board, and also had seed samples like the rare/ endangered plant thing at Kew Gardens.

Fact is our ancestors were more advanced than modern thinkers like to admit, look at South/ Central America, Egypt, China, India and so on.

Onto the the other point just who are we/ religious people worshipping there is a school of thought that does suggets that a lot of organised reliigons is devil worship and that it was a big con job, again its the Cathar viewpoint that this earth is hell and "god" is the false god.

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Ignoring the fact that the Earth was clearly not created over 7 days (and is older than 10,000 years), I'm going to focus on the Noah's Ark garbage.

There is not a single shred of evidence that the population size of any species examined, from cheetahs to rattlesnakes, experienced a bottleneck of 2 (or less than 1000, in fact) individuals during the time purported for the "great flood".

Further, all freshwater species would have died out during the flood due to all water becoming brackish. All coral would have been too deep to receive sunlight and warmth, thus perished and the species that depended on it would have disappeared. Follow this ad nauseum until the sea is dead.

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Maybe the Ark was a DNA laiden spaceship sent from a dying world? Its equally plausable as the fairytale version taught in schools... CheltBlue

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Cheltblue thats the sort of thing i mean, something like that could have happened but how do you tell that sort of society to a less technologically advanced society.

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01 Mar 2012 16:59:29
Can we list some popular conspiracy theories that come to mind and give a yes, no, maybe or not sure next to them to gauge opinion ?

911 Inside job3000
JFK 3000
Chemtrails 1200
Flue Jabs0210
Zionists controll finance3000
Afgan is about oil2100
Creation of diseases1110
Suppresion of technology3000
Bush - Nazi 0210
Crop circles0210
Lizard overlords 0201
Lech Kaczynski (Polish prez in the plane crash)3000
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01 Mar 2012 15:57:41
Continuing sort of from the debate a few comments down about Catholics, i've always thought that the gods people pray to could well be fundamentally bad, isnt the 'devils' best weapon deception? People blindly follow these religions when they are just so destructive without ever questioning it or considering an alternative, almost brainwashed, Bad always dresses up as good, people could well be praying to the devil and thinking its god


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The term blind faith springs to mind,you may be right but you have also acknowledged that there is a devil,so if you have a devil you must have a god?like i said in my other topic i wrote i dont think its a god ,instead i think its a higher intellegence who does not judge us like a so called god or lays down rules(bible) like a so called god, either way we will all find out sooner or later.

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Franky i think your leaning towards the Cathar viewpoint Mort

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Maybe mort.

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Yeah its interesting, i dont see god or the devil as actual entities. I just think god and the devil just 'are'. Like constant opposing forces that always have, and always will be in everybody and everything. Its a constant battle between good and bad, and bad wins most times by its very nature.

Slightly off topic, this just reminded me of a docu ive seen, powerful/influential/successful people are apparantley a LOT more likley to be bad/evil than good, because its their ruthless/cold charachteristics that get them to the top, scary how rare a victories for 'good' are


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