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01 Mar 2013 08:52:37
What do people think of the suicidal munchin scene in the Wizard of Oz? Real?

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I think its a fake mate.

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It's a bird.

{Ed033's Note - Yes it is a bird

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The DVD version certainly looked like a bird, but the older VHS version certainly did not.

Perhaps it's a fake.

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I have read a lot on this apparently there was in another scene not the one where they are singing but when in Munchkinland you can see it. In the 1980 VHS you can see it but in later VHS and DVD releases it was changed to a bird then apparently on the Disney Channel changed to a shrub. Very interesting stuff, personally I think it was a hanging

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Yeah, what I saw in the VHS did not look like a bird to me at all. It totally creeped me out to be honest. The fact that they turned around and walked in its direction without seeing it is just bizarre, especially since they appeared to look at it twice. So maybe it was a fake?


{Ed033's Note - Or, it was a bird and always was a bird.

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I don't buy it Ed, it's just hanging there. There is no way it could be. Check the VHS version and you will see. Here is a good video which proves it was not photoshopped in.


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Was it filmed in studio? if so would a bird be in there? ok it may have flown in, but surely someone would have noticed this?

and why update or change it if was just a bird, surley you can just leave it in?

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I think it was filmed in a studio and the idea was that they had birds imported to make it look realistic (as the scene was supposed to be in the great outdoors).

The DVD release, in HD, showed a bird in the background, but the VHS version is different and in my opinion looks nothing like one.


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01 Mar 2013 00:09:36
Hello everyone,,, Has anyone heard of the web site TOR?. You can basically buy drugs and weaponary off it

Irish Red Jr

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Would not surprise me if it was set up by governments to see who is in the market for buying those products.

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The website isn't called TOR. TOR is the operating program the website uses in order to block the tracing of IP addresses. Without TOR you can not access the website, and in turn, their customer database.

The main website used is Silk Road. It gives drug users the ability to search out certain products from certain regions eg. MD from Cambodia, Coke from Peru, meth from Utah America etc.

I personally don't use it, nor have I ever but I know people that have. Packages will be sent in the post and the operators of Silk Road hold any payments until the product is received. This stops the drug dealers from making false promises. So far the police have been unable to track the founders, due to the none use of IP addresses. Some people have been caught trying to receive the drugs, but only by Police who have monitored certain postal addresses.

Although legally its the wrong thing to
do, it's a rather ingenius way of doing it.

Melbourne CFC

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Tor is more the project isn't it? (It's also my son's name) There's a browser you can download too, it acts almost like a VPN connection to the 'net to mask your IP, Melbourne is correct on that score, good stuff.
There are also suggestions that you can access the underlying parts of the web with it, unearthing documents and files that could be quite controversial and eye-opening. I'm tempted to give it a try, but I know I'll ultimately be disappointed with the outcome vs the expectation. :)

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Mate like the saying "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is" meaning even if they deliver whatever goods your order, the people who send it could be anyone governments/fbi anything and even if they are on the level I can see government agencies monitoring or even hacking and putting a lot of dis-info files out there. a famous x files quote springs to mind, "trust no one".

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Id stay away from that programme! You can access the 'true web' through it but what you uncover is just criminals and peadofiles! like Franky said also you don't know who or what your talking to on there! My advice stay well clear from anything they say can't be traced because 99% of the time you can be they just say you can't to lure people in! and if you believe a VPN would stop you being tracked your wrong! you have to remember the Internet was the militarys long before it became public!


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The deep web as its known, is what the web was like back in the day before it was google regulated and monitored. there is some dodgy rubbish on there but there is also all the free uncensored information you could dream of on there, and I mean all. I would say its a safe bet the powers that be use it as all the info they need is there and conveniantly hidden from your average google/lay user

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Further on this subject, I believe people are genuinely scared away from the dark web because of how powerful it is - not all uses of the Deep Web sites are "evil. " It has also been very helpful to citizens who find their personal liberties threatened, or who are being watched by government agencies. WikiLeaks is an example of one of the uses of the Deep Web. In the beginning, and for a long time, the WikiLeaks site operated in the Deep Web, before it went public. Even today, if someone wants to blow the whistle or upload information to WikiLeaks, it is possible to publish it on the Deep Web.
Another example is the group Anonymous, which has used Tor to organize massive attacks on all kinds of organizations. It uses the Deep Web not only for direct actions but also to organize itself.

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