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01 May 2013 18:49:59
UFO's are already here.

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01 May 2013 18:50:42
Just to add to the huge post below about Human origins.

Cheetahs are all identical to each other.

In the Sumerian texts where they were used as domesticated hunting animals, their fur is also cat like and dog like, they sit like dogs and neither bark or meow, they chirp and their paws are different too.

Maybe what created us could of created them to hunt for us?

(Don't know if this is accurate but I don't think they can Evolve either)

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Maybe they will evolve to hunt us? We are meatbags afterall

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What I find perplexing about evolution is how our minds evolved to dream and create technology's like television and radio, you see its one thing to invent glass and accidentally realize it's magnification properties but its another thing entirely to produce a tv especially in the early 20th century. Are we pre programmed to create technologies such as telephones, satellites and even giant space telescopes to carry us fourth to a as yet unseen future and if we do then who's eternal song do we dance too.


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The pineal gland is not really my subject but I read somewhere that we use a small proportion of our brain, why is that?where we dumbed down? why do certain people have the brain capacity to create inventions? to me it can not be down to evolution, like I mentioned I think we were created by a intelligence we can not comprehend.

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That is a fallacy neuroimaging shows that we use all of our brain. We just do not know how it works.

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