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01 Nov 2011 21:26:21
Why oh why are the cattle complaining so much about the bankers?
Can't these pondlife see that its these up-standing groups of responsible
men are actually the wealth creators!
We should throw the hippy pinko's in the army!

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Sarcasm! I like it!

Chris in Tamworth

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01 Nov 2011 19:34:47
{Ed033's Note - deliberate brainwashing of people through video games where the video game player is de-sensitised to killing people.}
Ed, can you elaborate on this please? I ask because only recently I was thinking about how there are so many new shooting games on the PS3 that are geared towards a third world war, where we always seem to be shooting Russians. Also, I kind of agree about the de-sensitised bit. My question: do you think most video games are setting out to brainwash the masses? If so, I may stop playing, if only I can shake the addiction!

Adam {Ed033's Note - There is a lot more more to this. It starts off when Napoleon's part time soldiers beat the Prussian full time soldiers and the Prussian General's didn't believe that Napoleon was that good. After some experimenting it was found that people in their natural state do not like killing other people and soldiers were missing on purpose. So the answer to this was to start schools for everyone not just for the ruling class' children. Schools brainwashed/indoctrinated children to think as the ruling class wanted them to think such as all foreigners were sub-human so it didn't matter if they were killed. This indoctrination schooling for the masses was adopted here as well and carries on now but the indoctrination changes over time. Now there is this political correctness indoctrination going on in schools.

Back to video games. People in the armed forces nowadays train with video games to de-sensitise them to killing. The video games that are sold to the public are programmed by the same companies/people who program the games to de-sensitise people in the armed forces. In the video games you, the "good guy" typically kill the "bad guys"

On the t.v. you see torture in tv programs where the "good guys" torture the "bad guys" to get info from them in order to stop the "bad guys".

All of this is designed to mostly remove your morals and de-sensitise you to killing and torture of the "bad guys" i.e. the countries on the "Axis of Evil" list, which is all of the countries without a central bank.}

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Wow, thanks for the response.

That is so true though. From a young age kids are playing with plastic guns, cap guns, water pistols.

With the exception of sports and racing, nearly every game involves killing of some sort, even kid's games.

1. Enemy in the way
2. Wants to kill you
3. Kill enemy
4. Enemy disappears
5. Problem solved

What a culture we have!

Adam {Ed001's Note - scary when you think about it!}

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I have to agree , even though i've played these
games a lot that they are becoming more like
army/marines recruiting vehicle's or atleast
military industrial compex propaganda
C.O.D and M.O.H are two of the most obvious
games guilty of this, with a touch of racism thrown in for good measure.

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Forgive me for stoking the fire, and please know I don't disagree with what anyone is saying about this, but I just want to put forward a different angle.

We are a product of nature (well...if some theories on this page are not true after all....but that's for another convo...) and we all have instincts and surprisingly primitive traits despite being an 'advanced' species.

We are territorial and, born without natural weapons, we have learned to construct weapons. For thousands and thousands of years since the dawn of time, human species have made weapons out of whatever resources they can. Do not be fooled into thinking this is purely for hunting. In fact, revolutions such as the iron and bronze ages were based on or started by the desire to manufacture weapons. Humans have an intrinsic need to have ownership of something, and to protect it, rather than simply abandoning that which is taken from them. So we have an built-in will to fight when necessary. To the death if needs be.

So since the dawn of man, children have been taught to use weapons for killing animals and people just as they have been taught to use tools.

So really, are these video games 'desensitising' us? Is this not just a continuation of themes that have been with us since the dawn of man? It is a fact that humans are lazy - almost every single technological advance has been invented in order to make something easier, and now people can learn how to aim and shoot, act stealthily, think tactically etc, from the comfort of their sofa. I don't think being 'desensitised' to killing a threat to your own life is a bad thing, in fact it is a perfectly natural albeit somewhat primitive facet of behaviour, is it not?

Whether or not video games are bad in this respect is surely just as relevant as, say, one's upbringing? And one's learning of what is right and wrong? I do not know anyone who in their right mind would be happy or willing to kill because they had a lifetime of video game playing.

AT the end of the day people liek realistic games, and this means war games. Not games like Resistance and Halo where aliens are everywhere, but games where you get to sue real technology and you can imitate the soldiers of today - typical kids' heroes.

So although I see where you're coming from, I think it's too easy to say 'they're desensitising us!' when in actual fact this sort of thing has been in our nature since day one.


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I do agree with a lot you have said. Nearly all games that children play are about survival and killing etc, Manhunt, Hide & Seak.

It is only natural that we will play with toy guns and swors because of the reasons you have suggested.

However, these games aren't filled with propaganda, whereas things like Call of Duty are loaded with it. Likewise, we don't actually 'kill' when playing Manhunt or shooting someone with a toy gun. In contrast, Call of Duty, or kids games such as Mario has a format which is, 'kill and you survive'. In essence it is all true to our nature, as you say, but when we follow through the actions you could argue it makes us immune to the idea of killing something/somebody.

That's just my take. Either way, it is quite sad really that we can't 'evolve' out of our natural desires, because the fact is, we don't NEED to kill anymore in order to survive.


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The case could be made we must kill to survive. The world is being stretched beyond it's means and perhaps its only hope for survival is to minimize it's inhabitants. Wait a minuite this all feels a little to "final solution" for me I see the error of my ways and retract the statement

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01 Nov 2011 20:03:30
Are Aliens real?


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They must be, who else would enough to support Man utd. lol
huddz res

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G.A.G.U.S - more like our gentic cousins , our creators who made us or upgraded us to their image............lfc {Ed033's Note - We may find out one day that we have alien dna in us.}

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I think that we would be very ignorant to think that we are the only inhabited planet in the universe...however, UFO sightings are probably fake for the simple reason, why would aliens who can fly and live outside of their atmosphere come to a planet where they cant!?!

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01 Nov 2011 16:09:26
Michael prince interview on YouTube ,it is will blow your mind, its more UK based than usa , red what is your opinion? Cheers frankyscouse

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{Ed033's Note - I've seen an interview with Michael Prince a.k.a. James Casbolt. I don't doubt that there are "Super Soldiers", I don't doubt that there is "Black Technology" and I don't doubt there are all kinds of things going on in underground bases that would blow your mind. But this particular guy Michael Prince / James Casbolt cannot go into details about things he talks about and to me is not believable that he himself has witnessed and done the things he says. He could be a paid agent or manchurian candidate to sound unbelievable so people think what he says aren't real.

I don't think he is on a Project Camelot interview probably because they don't find him believable also.

Duncan O'Finioan is on a project camelot interview. Duncan O'Finioan can go into detail and is believable as a super soldier -

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Heyw edd will check that Duncan guy out, as for Michael prince are you hinting that he id making things up or. Giving false claims so he will get rebuked and that will rethink claims of every credible case of superhuman. Soldiers? Cheers for reply edd33. Frankyscouse {Ed033's Note - What I'm saying is the words coming out of Michael prince's mouth are not his own testimony. Anyone could pretend to be a super soldier and claim they were in an underground base just by watching a few youtube interviews of people who claim such things then repeating similar things to what they hear on these interviews. However the actual details would not be there if you are faking it. To me this guy michael prince is faking it but obviously i do not know the exact reason why he is faking it. This is obviously just my opinion.}

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01 Nov 2011 12:44:29
Just watched the Bosnian pyramids video on youtube and there is no possible way that they were made by hand, one of the stones alone weighed 24 tonnes which would have taken around 500 people to lift. So the two other options are aliens made them or at least assisted in making them, or we are not the first advanced age of humans meaning people tens on thousands of years ago weren't as backward as we are lead to believe.
Personally i'm undecided, the only thing i'm sure of is what we are told most of the time is complete fiction.

"Whoever wishes to keep a secret must hide the fact that he possesses one."
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

always a red

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There is plenty of evidence that it was simply humans who built the pyramids check out Donald Redford, professor of Classics and ancient Mediterranean studies at Penn State. He explains how it was done and removes a lot of the " mystery"

Chris in Tamworth

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The Egyptologists say the the Great Pyramid was built in 20 years. This means that if this is correct then each stone in the pyramid was placed every 2 seconds. Also these Egyptologists say that they cut each stone even the granite stones with copper chisels. These Egyptologists who say this are either idiots or think that the general population of the world are idiots. Maybe Chris in Tamworth believes these Egyptologists.

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A bit unfair to call Chris an idiot, it wasn't until i came on this site followed some of the links posted and did a bit of research that i had my eyes opened. Now personally i'm still undecided weather aliens came to this planet to share their technology, i'm more interested in conspiracies such as 9/11, who really killed JFK, what became of Bin Laden and whats next on Americas real life version of the board game risk.
But i guess being a builder the pyramids and how they were built fascinates me.

always a red {Ed033's Note - maybe this gives you an idea of how the pyramids were built. The Anti-Gravity Secret of Coral Castle -

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OK.. lets apply ockham's razor theory to this, Aliens or a sophisticated civilization that pre-dated us. It is pretty obvious that the stones where not cut & moved, from many hundreds if not thousands of miles away from the construction site. I for one would opt for the later, modern masons have even suggested water / tide erosion to the sphinx & pyramids which could not have happened without a major climate shift..

Just my two cents.. {Ed033's Note - John Anthony West used to show pictures of the water erosion on the sphinx with the sphinx head covered up and every geologist he showed this picture to said it was water weathering but then when he showed the geologists it was the Sphinx, they denied it was water weathering. Eventually John Anthony West found geologist, Robert Schoch who would go on the record to say that the Sphinx has been water weathered. This is a problem with the established history because there has not been enough water in Cairo to cause this water weathering erosion for at least 10,000 years.}

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Funny how a few weeks ago some of my posts didn't get put up because I called people idiots or similar and I questioned the intelligence of people who believe a lot of these conspiracies and yet when I take the time to put a genuine argument together other posters can ridicule me freely!
Seems a little unfair

Chris in Tamworth {Ed001's Note - the poster didn't refer to you as an idiot, but the Egyptologists. I can see his point, because they are so intent on building up the ancient Egyptians as this wonderful civilization, they refuse to admit anything could possibly not be theirs. Such as the Sphinx, which scientific evidence suggests pre-dated Egyptians, but Egyptologists refuse to even take that evidence under consideration. As for your point, I actually agree, I think humans built them, but they clearly didn't use copper chisels etc and complete it in 20 years!}

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I had a look at Donald Redford research thanks for pointing out his work, he does offer a lot of solutions, however i still find it hard to believe that all over the world people who had never met decided to build these great structures, all in very similar ways and more importantly in very very specific locations.

always a red {Ed033's Note - Pyramids probably have multiple effects one effect could be calming the weather around the pyramid.}

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Thanks for the link ed, very interesting video, this would make Edward Leedskalnin along with the likes of Nikola Tesla a true genius that will never be recognized for their greatness. Just think a world with unlimited free energy, what would the powers that be do with their trillions of dollars worth of oil then.

always a red {Ed033's Note - Well we should be using oil to make things not for energy production. However if we did have this super cheap tesla type energy then we would probably make more things because we maybe living a "jetsons" like lifestyle so we would still use a lot of oil.}

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Hey guys, I think you will find that the Bosnian pyramids occur naturally.

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